The the late 1930’s World War II

The the late 1930’s World War II

The Modern Age for writing took place in 1915 and ended in 1946. The time period encountered two World Wars, prosperity and the Great Depression. Writers were going to war, became vetrins, others were killed in war, but some writers became famous dead or alive. The war did change the style of writing for the writers. After the war the United States became in isolation. Wilson focused on the problems the US had during the time after the war.

In the 1920’s the time was called “The Roaring Twenties.” It was called “The Roaring Twenties,” because production was so high people were going out and enjoying themselves. The middle class was then formed and they ere the ones going out enjoying themselves. Moves came out lots of new inventions came out, and the Module-T was introduced. This was also the time when teens started to go there own ways and having fun and being very social. The middle class was seen as wealthy but most of their pocetions were on credit, a reason why the Great Depression hit the US so hard.

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The Great Depression was the nest thing that happened in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. The Depression started a domino affect that started by the stock market crash, then people tried to get their money out of the bank, businesses lots or most of their investments and businesses had to drop their employees because of the lack of money people lost their money due to credit and no job, ext . . .

In 1932 about 12 million people or about a quarter of the people living in the US was without a job. Throughout the depression the unemployed rate kept to increasing.The elections of 1932 Roosevelt became the new president and started something called the New Deal. The New Deal started to help the US get out of the Depression slowly.

In the late 1930’s World War II broke out, and the US would stay isolated and resume naturally until the Japanese surprised attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7, 1941. The US entered the war with the allies and they would fight for two years before beating Nazi Germany. The war ended after the US dropped two A-bombs on Japan. Peace and the atomic age had finally arrived.The writers during the Modern Age were influenced by the social impacted of the US. As World War I broke out there was meany books and stories wrote about war or about war like atmosphere.

There were meany writers that went out to war and wrote about the war. There was people still writing about the new technology and new things being introduced during to time period. During the 1920’s there were meany writers just enjoying themselves and the stories were usealy pleasant. They’re where meany stories wrote about the feature and all the new produce that were coming out. During the Depression the writing style went down a bit. They started to write stories about hope and the way the hole US was just completely messed up. Afer the Depression writers went back to what they were writing about during WWI.

WWII did bring the US out of the Depression and there were meany stories that had that in the plot or as a setting giving new hope and a new beginning. Bibliography:

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