July races and has gotten many championships in

July races and has gotten many championships in

July 16, 2004A person who Id like to know deeply is Michael Schumacher who is the best racing driver in the world. Also known as Schumi, has won a lot of grand prixs races and has gotten many championships in different categories, from kart to F1 series. For that reason, Schumi is considered the best racing driver in the world. Michael not only is the best driver but also is a charismatic person and prudent.Schumi started his racing career in the same way as all the great drivers, at karting. At four years old his father built him a kart and after enrolled him in a kart club. For that reason he won a lot of kart championship, for instance, his first German Junior Kart.

Schumi started his F1 career in Belgian Grand Prix of 1991 with Jordan Team. After his first season, he moved to the Benetton Team in order to have more opportunities to win. Two years later Michael won his first F1 Championship. In 1996 Michael Scumacher signed with Ferrari team, the best in F1 category, with which has won five F1 championships.Schumi has earned a lot of money in his career and he is considered the best paid sports player in the world. Schumi not only has earned money winning careers but also with a lot of ads with many different companies.

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Michael not only is a good sports player, but also is a charismatic and prudent person. For that reason he has become idol for a lot of persons around the world. In conclusion, to be an idol you need not only be the best in your career, but also you need be a good person with everybody, and that is the main reason why I want to know Michael Schumacher.

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