Assignment I myself Quinisha Story in 2009,

Assignment I myself Quinisha Story in 2009,

Assignment #1 “Market Segmentation and Product Positioning” Southern Belle Pastries Ms. Quinisha Story Professor: Stephan Hiatt MKT 500: Marketing and Management Sunday, July 18, 2011 1. Identify the marketing segment for the product and explain why this segment was elected.

Southern Belle Pastries is a start-up home business/company that was founded by I myself Quinisha Story in 2009, out of a small kitchen in Manassas VA. Southern Belle Pastries sells cupcakes, and all sorts of small dessert pastries that are located online at Southernbellepastries. logspot.

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com and through other great media like Face book group page, and through immediate family and friends that also support the business. The blog maintains just a short bio of how Southern Belle Pastries was created, some photos of cupcakes and other tasty treats that have been designed and ordered by Southern Belle favorite customers. The company does not expand outside of cupcakes and the other small decor pastries for example: Chocolate covered strawberries, miniature brownie bites, gourmet cookies.The reason why this market was selected because it has seem to become a growing trend in today’s economy, which it flatters and satisfies the sweet tooth , it also has become simplified as being affordable. Cakes have been among the strongest performers in a slumping baking Industry.

U. S. Flour production fell to a 13yr. low in early 2005, partly because of low-carb dieting, the trade publication Bake trends noted. More and more people are turning to cupcakes for parties and special events.

According to (Houston Chronicle/Dec 4, 2006 Cupcakes move up on the menu. ) Cupcakes and other specialty trends of high couture of desserts can be featured and scene on shows like Cupcake Wars, The Cupcake Ladies, that are networks like The Cooking Channel and Food network. 2. Discuss the target market and why this market has been chosen.

Target Market A. 1. Bachelorette Parties- Cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and other tasty treats vs. hole cakes are one of the key elements that are planned out for the brides wedding party, it’s simple and you don’t half to worry about standing in line for your next slice of cake to be cut each cupcake are individually decorated, allowing each person to experience the brides to be personal touch. Southern Belle Pasties-Cupcakes are classy and elegant, the Bride and her party are just not limited to just the basics of cakes ex: white, yellow, chocolate.

They will be able to experience the low fraction of cost cut in half by using less ingredients’ and the bride will be able to focus on bigger parts of her wedding spending wise, Southern Belle Pastries will allow the Bride to be to save money without cutting corners and let her still be able to enjoy her family and friends. Southern Belle Pastries designs, beautiful displays on a 7 tiered tower that will be easy for you to select and grab the dessert of your choice. Target Market B. 2.Baby Showers- Southern Belle Pasties Cupcakes are a perfect delight for any baby shower that maybe centered on themes of the baby name, however Southern Belle Pastries makes it easy for clean up by giving out personalized wrap bags that the guest will be able to take home their dessert of choice off the buffet/bar.

The cupcakes that are on display comes the center of attention at any baby shower, that has show cased off Hello Kitty, and even Jewels with a sparkle appeal, any guest will surely be able to grab one and take an extra one home to go. 3. Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, opportunities, and threats) analysis for the company.Although Southern Belle Pastries has not yet become a national brand within the United States and has only been marketed within the Metropolitan area of Birmingham, Al there always ways to target new ones by simply bringing in a Marketing Representative to hire and conduct research on many different areas of my business that definitely needs to be strengthened that I have suggested: Updated version of a actual website, allowing customers to select from a menu that represents options of delivery or pickup displaying date and time, mass e-mail marketing with detailed reports, sales promotions of certain products of the month, membership forms etc. As a business owner there are constant things that need to be added or deleted down below suggests my SWOT analysis.

A. Strengths- 1. Very unique designed classy dessert products.

2. Good location in the suburban area of the BirminghamAlabama (280) only one cupcake Shoppe. 3.

In house marketing ideas from interns/silent business partners/material gathered is not expensive. 4. Social media group/Face book/Twitter. 5. Southern Belle Pastries continues to network with other small business in the community functions. B.

Weakness- 1. Very well known category of products/ taste and flavors. 2. Not so many desserts to choose from.

3. When ordering Southern Belle Pastries needs to know what the consumer loves about the cupcake or other dessert products, ex: Cupcake flavors, Sugarless products maybe the consumer maybe a diabetic. 4.

Targeting other demographic audiences, much larger venues. C. Opportunities- 1.Southern Belle Pastries Cupcakes and other fine dessert products are fancy and unique, in its current market to go abroad-Southern Belle Pastries should tap into the market of wedding vendors and more big shows (Bridal) to help increase and generate sales, the availability of product samples. 2.

Southern Belle Pastries, should be updated more often-offering new signature cupcakes at least once month, enter into drawings to win a dozen of cupcakes or a discount on certain products of the month, photos of desserts being made or create a fun gallery where the customer can upload their favorite cupcake or other desserts that they have made in their kitchen. 3. More advertisements in local shops and stores on display walls and windows. D. Threats- 1.

Other competitors offering the same distinct style of dessert lines. 2.Some consumers who think that couture desserts are not needed at certain venues like Wedding Parties. 4. Describe the market Position for your product and service. Southern Belle Pastries enjoys the classy decor scenery. Each cupcake is made from scratch and made to order with adding flavors of appeal to the moist cupcakes and other fine pastries, ex: Almonds, Strawberries, Lime, that have been tested and tried by faithful Southern Bell Pastry customers-Icings and toppings are mixed only by order and set aside for any special specific orders.

The company cupcakes are just smaller versions of the classic like vanilla, chocolate, yellow cake and easily boxed and set up for delivery or pick up.Southern Belle Pastries, is very realistic when focusing on the sale price of each item being sold-however the company itself will strive to consider pricing options to make sure that it will reflect what the customer is actually paying for which would be good quality measure of dessert. Southern Belle Pastries, will be adding on a very special application feature (PayPal) on to the blog website that customers will be able to place their orders selecting from the drop box of the amount that is needed to order-which is another great marketing application tool that will bring more new customers in that were not able to order before that may stay out of state but still within the U. S.Along with the above application feature, customers will now find it easier to navigate more so through the website-offered special promotions for ex: 10% off your next order-and creative member of the month that will submit their favorite dessert recipe that will be highlighted in the gallery section of the website.

This feature will allow me to both expand in my media networks online and also attract more traffic to Southern Belle Pastries for more future exposure and events. References 1. SWOT http://www. quickmba.

com/strategy/swot 2. Southernbellepastries. blogspot. com 3.

Houston Chronicle/Dec 4, 2006 Cupcakes move up on the menu 4. Product Positioning http://www. otmmarketing. com/Portals/42226/docs/product_positioning. pdf 5.

Food network/Cupcake Wars pic

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