Lukas vanLent AP human geography Dictionary

Lukas vanLent AP human geography Dictionary

Lukas vanLent

AP human geography

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order now describes human geography as “the study of the interaction between human beings and their environment in particular places and across spatial areas,”. According to national geographic, the term comes from the Greeks who needed a way to describe maps and writings that helped them make sense of the world. The concept of geography has been around for as long as humans have, but the study of human geography is relatively new.

Human geography is a social science. Thus, it uses definite themes to help in answering some of the questions the subject poses. Fulcrumapp lists these themes as demographics and population measures, language, religion, ethnicity, education, health, groups (politics, civil, ideological) economy, land use, transportation, water supply and control, significant events and climate/weather. Overall, any factor that may affect the human population or the environment around them is used in this field to explain the world.

The thirteenth century is often referred to as the age of discovery. The study of geography regained popularity quickly in Europe. With the invention of the printing press helped make information more easily available, leading to a kind of golden age of geography.

Brightknowledge lists geography as two halves, both human and physical. Both being equally important. Whereas human geography being the study of human effects on the land. Physical geography is the study of earth’s natural processes. Such as climate and plate Techtonics.

Overall, human geography is the study of how humans interact with the land around them. Human geography is important because it can help provide knowledge of human interaction with the land around them, weather good or bad.

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