cientology all have one similar lifestyle. Yes, they

cientology all have one similar lifestyle. Yes, they

cientology is a shamTom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Sony Bonno and Lisa Marie Presley all have one similar lifestyle. Yes, they are all famous celebrities; however, this lifestyle has more effect on a person than any career possibly could. These celebrities, among many more, are part of what has been called The Church of Hollywood. They are all Scientologists.1 The Church of Scientology is one manufactured by a former science fiction writer who could not stop lying about himself and his religion up till his death on January 24th, 1986.2 L.

Ron Hubbard lied about everything from his Boy Scout triumphs3 to his heroism as a decorated soldier.4 Hubbard is anything but a man of God and yet his followers see him as the ultimate being. Since December of 1953,5 Scientologists have blindly followed this con artist in a cult based around hunger for money and power.

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Websters Third New International Dictionary defines a cult as an excessive devotion to some person, idea or thingregarded as unorthodox or spurious. Scientologists are obsessed with L. Ron Hubbard, a man they refuse to believe the truth about. Scientology is not a religion. It is not conventional. It is not genuinely based around a belief of a God or Supreme Being. Scientology is a cult whose practices can be considered a joke and whose leader can be considered a pathological liar.

The beliefs and methods of Scientologists may be easily laughed at by any sane mind. The religion has many cult-like activities and many unconventional needs and beliefs belonging solely to Scientology. An example of this is the very important one billion year contract. Members of Scientology who wish to be part of the Sea Organization must sign a contract for one billion years of service.

6 The peculiar thing about this is that most people who sign the contract actually expect to serve the full billion years of service. Scientologists believe that a thetan, or spirit, will never die and thus they will be able to fulfill their commitment. The Sea Organization is a large project created to Clear the Planet.

Scientologists who join believe that after this planet is cleared there will be other planets in the universe in need of clearing (the term clearing meaning to convert to Scientology). Sea Organizations were given the nickname Orgs and they can be considered the churches of Scientology. Every single one of these Orgs must have a beautifully decorated, furnished and unused private office. These offices would be for the use of L. Ron Hubbard only.

They must be present in all Orgs, even ones in need for space. The purpose of these Offices would be to accommodate Hubbard on the chance that he might visit. Hubbard was not expected to visit, but the offices would still need to be there for the chance that it still could happen.

Thus, Scientologists cater to Hubbards needs so much that it is unnatural in any religion that claims to worship One God, as Scientology does. Furthermore, the beliefs of Scientologists may be questioned due to their ranking system. Scientology redefined the term ethics as a condition in the religion. This means that when one becomes a Scientologist, they are given their ethics condition and those assigned a low condition (which is anything below normal) need to work their way to the top. The conditions are as follows from highest to lowest: Power, Affluence, Normal Operation, Emergency, Danger, Non-Existence, Liability, Doubt, Enemy, Treason, and Confusion.7 As an example of how ranks may change, there is a case of one woman who reported that she had been raped by Ron Hubbard and later, by a Sea Org Officer named Gerry Larson. It was explained to her that this had been done because she needed to have a baby for the religion.

It was further explained that this was because she was born in the 8th month of August and the number 8 is a very important number in the Church of Scientology. The number 8 is the symbol of infinity and also the highest level of OTness (Operating Thetan, a spiritual being that can operate without need of a body)8. A few months after these rapes, she was called in by her ethics officer and demoted to the rank of Treason because she did not become pregnant by either man. She also had to make amends for this crime.

9 Through this example, Scientology has proved itself as a cult similar to many other cults in which superstition and sexual deviance is not only tolerated, but encouraged. Scientologys methods and beliefs are unorthodox and twisted and come from no other source than the mind of a science fiction writer. The methods and teachings can be compared to any common day cult and important similarities found.Even more surprising and repulsive than some of the customs of the Church of Scientology, are the actions of its leader L. Ron Hubbard. It is him who created the religion and made it fit his every human need. Ron Hubbard is not a man of God.

Ron Hubbard is a man who saw money symbols in the word religion10 and used his creativity as an author to manufacture a cult that could suck desperate people into it, looking for a solution to lifes problems. Hubbard was an egocentric person who saw himself as the real God in The Church of Scientology. In fact, when he is commonly referred to as the Source, the S must be capitalized as with the G in God.11 While alive, Ron Hubbard proved himself as a fake through his actions and even his words. Firstly, Ron Hubbard was proven as a fraud through the inappropriate Commodores Messengers. These messengers were nubile teenage girls that many people said Hubbard trusted more than anyone else.12 They received no other education other than Sea Org training, a common characteristic of a cult.

The uneducated are always less likely to rebel and like any cult leader, this was a strategy of Hubbard to keep his Messengers loyal. Commodore Messengers would do many of Hubbards errands, even including helping him dress and undress. They were known for following him around, catching the ash from his cigarettes with an ash tray and it was behavior such as this that also had them known for competing with each other in order to please Hubbard.13 However, it was the inappropriate outfits of the Commodore Messengers that all sources seem to agree on. They wore high heeled, white boots to their knees and short mini skirts.

They also wore halter tops that were described as close to the size of bikinis and were tied in a knot between their breasts. Many of these girls were about 14 years old. Ron Hubbard used Commodore Messengers to satisfy his own perverted desires and for an unobstructed mind, this would be easy to see. However, Scientologists were led to believe that sex was literally nothing. Since Scientologists are just invisible spirits (or thetans) operating a body, sex for a thetan is nothing. Scientologists believe that they actually live in a totally different universe far away and that the body is just a tool to use.

14 Thus, using this Scientologist theory, rape or sexual taboo can not really exist if sex does not affect the thetan. Furthermore, Ron Hubbard is proved as a fraud due to the fact that his whole history has been proven fraudulent. In fact, the only claim about Hubbards past not in dispute is that he was born on March 13, 1911 in Tilden, Nebraska.15 At that point Hubbard claims something totally different than fact: His father was away at sea for lengthy periods Ron grew up on his wealthy grandfathers enormous cattle ranch In Montana he had his first encounter with another culture and became a blood brother of the Blackfoot Pikuni Indians When he was 10 years old he rejoined his family and was put through intense schooling So it was that by the time he was 12 years old L. Ron Hubbard had already read a goodly number of the worlds greatest classics – and his interest in religion and philosophy was born.16In reality, Ron Hubbard had grown up in a life far less glorious or epic.

He moved around from rented apartments as his father struggled to make the rent. His grandfather did not own a cattle ranch at all and was nothing but a small time veterinarian.17 Ron Hubbard simply lied about his whole childhood. He lied to the books of the religion that he created himself.

If his word can not be taken in that, how can a whole religion be based around his teachings? His lies about his past continued further from this. It was said that he became a member of the Eagle Scouts at age 13 and was the youngest member in the country and praised for it constantly. However, it was later proven that at the time the Boy Scouts of America did not keep a record of the boys ages and thus this would be impossible to know.18 The lies further extend to Hubbards education.

He had boasted that he had graduated in mathematics and engineering from George Washington University but the record showed that in reality, he dropped out after two years because of his poor grades.19 Even as Ron approached adulthood, he was no less of a liar. Scientologists feel a great deal of pride that their leader was a decorated war hero and had been injured several times at war, actually being the first American casualty of the war in the Pacific. When this situation was looked into, it was found that Hubbard was an incompetent coward who tried his hardest to avoid seeing any battle action.

20 With the many lies about Ron Hubbards past, it can not be unexpected that he decided to build a future on these lies as well. Ron Hubbard was not an amazing man, but instead he was a man who tried to catch a break through creating a religion to serve his every need. Thus, he created Scientology.In conclusion, the Church of Scientology is based on little or no historical facts and its teachings are so unorthodox that for it not to be considered a cult, is an outrage.

The leader of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard can not be relied on to state any fact as proven throughout his past and thus all credibility of the Church of Scientology has been jeopardized. When examining the teachings of Scientology, it is as if one is reading something from a science fiction novel. They are then reminded that it was all created by a science fiction writer and yet Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Sony Bonno and Lisa Marie Presley all failed to question this.

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