Today wear big baggy pants with Airwalk

Today wear big baggy pants with Airwalk

Today teenagers wear different styles of clothing to express their personality. All high school students subject themselves to this wild time in their life. Many kids want to fit in with a click or gang, or just want to change friends. A teens unique character and individual style of dress sets them apart from all other kids.

The Prep clique contains the students that everybody’s parents love. They show off expensive clothes, the type of clothes that a polo player wears. This consists of the striped Ralph Lauren shirt with the classic beige khaki pants. For decoration, they put on the big gold rings and the intelligent looking glasses. To top it all off they model patterned socks with brown shoes and they load on the cologne. The snobby attitude and cocky strut set the preps apart from all other groups of kids.

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Then the fact that they tend to stick their nose up at people unlike them. Kids called punks dress with their favorite punk rock tee shirt like Dead Kennedies, Catch 22, and Bouncing Souls. In addition, the punks wear big baggy pants with Airwalk shoes. Punks, commonly called groupies by the bands they follow around religiously. Punks pierce their bodies in outrageous places like in their tongue, eyebrow, and nose. Their crazy colored hair changes weekly. Kids like this use foul, dirty language that they pick up from their style of punk rock music.

Punks tend to go through school with a laid back attitude and not a care in the world.Next on the list of moronic clothing styles, white kids who try to act like they grew up in the projects – wiggers. They put on triple extra large shirts made by Fubu or of their favorite rap artist.

Wiggers wear the twenty sizes, too big pants that sag down to their knees. Wiggers walk around with a fake limp to symbolize a bullet wound to the leg. They wear big thick gold chains like Mr. T with huge dollar sign emblem to represent the money.

This gang of kids also uses foul, vulgar language that they pick up from rappers dirty mouths. Consider the jocks – every teacher likes them because they play for the school team. They get away with practically murder; the teachers seem to just look the other way.

The jocks cocky and arrogant attitude make them not well like around the school. They all wear the same type of haircuts, the crew cut or the ever so popular shaved head. Jocks wear the tight white, Hanes tee shirts and Levi blue jeans to make them look huge.

Jocks tend to pick on little kids, because it makes them feel all big and powerful. They shove freshmen into lockers and just act like immature jackass. They only hang out with their jock friends because other groups of people dislike them.Gothic kids tend to clear the halls, when they walk down them; everyone tends to stay out of their way. They dress in black clothes head to toe and black Doc Martins; the girls usually put on black, fish net stockings. Girls and guys alike paint their faces white, their nails black, and put on black eyeliner.

Gothic kids trend to dress mangy. They look like they just rolled out of bed and threw on some clothes. Students in high school usually fear the gothic kids, because of their expression of hate for everyday life.

Gothic kids usually seclude themselves from other students because they dislike trendy students.Teens in high school apply themselves so hard to fit in with a certain group of kids, but at the same time, they try to set themselves apart from everyone else. Every teen’s unique style makes them an individual. Today high, school student’s utilization the clothing styles to define and express their personality.

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