Joy great ways to control her daughter

Joy great ways to control her daughter

Joy Luck ClubGuilt is a powerful means of controlling someone else. Parents use it because its often an easy way of controlling their children. In Amy Tans Joy luck club, Junes Mom knew great ways to control her daughter by using guilt. She used guilt because that was the only way she knew. Because she had such a tragic and sometimes even dramatic life, she wanted better for her daughter.

Unfortunately, June misinterpreted her mother’ intentions and didn’t realize what her mother was trying to do for her until after her mother died.Parent/child relationships are like seasons of the year. Summer is nice, beautiful and kind much like some parents. Then we have winter which is not as nice, it gets colder and angrier at people, just like parents get angrier at their children. Then beautiful and warm summer comes back. In the story Junes Mom was like winter, cold and angry at June. She was angry at June for not being obedient, not doing what she told her to, and ruining her reputation in her little circle of friends.

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This one time Junes Mom basically forced June to take piano lessons, because she wanted June to be prodigy. June did take the lessons , unfortunately she had no other choice. Once they had a show where she was supposed to play or show off as June called it. Her Mom invited all her friends because she wanted to raise her reputation and show how talented daughter was. June messed up on the song that she was supposed to play. She never forgot or forgave that moment. Her Mom looked so low in the eyes of the other Mothers like poor in the eyes of rich.

She never had enough patience with June which is critical for parents to have, to be good parents. June was like summer, kind, caring and warm. From seeing her mother being so angry at life and especially at her, she learned to respect and love others no matter what they did. Once they had a big crab dinner, the whole family was invited.

When they were eating crabs everybody took the first crabs which were the best crabs and June took the last crab. She could grab the first crab which would be the best and the most delicious one, but she choice the smallest and the worst one. This clearly shows that June was a kind well, mannered girl not like all the other people at the table. Guilt is one of the worst feelings a human being might have. Making children feel constant guilt indulges them, and viscious circle is formed, with parents hating their children and children hating their parents. June clearly hated and disrespected her Mom in all ways possible.

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