If I were able to

If I were able to

If I were able to sit down and talk with JoAn, I THINK THAT SHE WOULD GIVE A LOT OF GOOD ADVICE ON RUNNING. One thing I think she would say is Do the best that you can do and push yourself to do more. I also think that she would say to never give up.

I think that she would say those things because in the story when she was young she told herself to do those things and when she did she became a great runner. This reminds me of when I JOINED CHEERLEADING, AND I had trouble doing some of the stretches but my coach said try your best and maybe if you practice them at home you will be able to do them the right way. I think that these two events are alike because both people wanted to become better at something. Both people were told to do their best and try hard.

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Both events are different because a coach was telling me to try harder.

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