1. web page shows they want any type

1. web page shows they want any type

1. One force that is driving the strategic direction of Dell is the server market. Dell is currently fourth in server sales.

Dell has also moved into the international market, including various web pages for different countries, each with separate languages. Computers are also manufactured in foreign markets to cut cost. CEO Michael Dell has pushed for a move toward a standardization of products. Dell plans to customize web sites for companies, and working on automatic purchase-approval process within a business.

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2. It seems that the catalyst for changes at Dell is CEO Michael Dell. He believes his companys strategy is appropriate and will make Dell the number one server.

Also the increase in PC power has served as a catalyst for Dell. It has increased the demand on networking, such as LAN and WAN. As a result, Dell pushes their technology to coincide with the industry.3. The change in technology at Dell has been caused by industries move towards standardization in products with the introduction of Microsofts Windows, server and PCs.

Dell does not see itself as a technology innovator. The company targeted the financial services, software development, and mechanical CAD/CAE/graphics market, in which Window NT workstations integrate hardware and software into a solution for specialized tasks such as financial analysis, computer-aided design, or software development.6. Dells web page shows they want any type of customer, from corporate companies to regular pc users. It is definitely customer-oriented, implementing web pages that are simple along with various languages and currencies for users in different countries to purchase a Dell computer. Dell has allowed users as well as businesses to customize its machines or other computer software.

This way the customer should be satisfied with the product. Bibliography:go blow for president new york york yoif

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