There to rage and beats Tracy again

There to rage and beats Tracy again

There is one particular case that stands out in my mind when I think of domestic violence. The Tracy Thurman Story. Tracy Thurman was a Connecticut housewife. She suffered a horrendous abuse at the hands of her husband. As the days got older so did the beatings and was more horrified each day.

When Buck and Tracy got involved she realized that he had a gambling problem. She had confronted him about him losing money while gambling in front of his friends. Buck became furious and punched the door working his way around Tracy.

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Buck then starts yelling and saying how his mother put a gun to his head and asked Tracy never to leave him. Seeing his vulnerable side, Tracy felt sorry for him. This showed Tracy that Buck had a shattered soul and a sense of humanity. Not too long, after Tracy found out she was pregnant. After telling Buck the news, he beat her for the first time.

Tracy then leaves from Florida to Connecticut, her hometown and stays with a close friend. Buck follows her to Connecticut and begs, pleads, and promises that it will never happen again. They then get married, stayed in Connecticut, and had a baby boy.Buck is unable to find work and convinces Tracy to move back to Florida. After losing a game of cards, he goes to rage and beats Tracy again leaving her two black eyes. Tracy moves back to Connecticut, only to have Buck follow her and takes the baby away from Tracy.

At this point Tracy gets a restraining order against Buck. He is not allowed in the state of Connecticut, and Tracy’s home. She sees Buck standing in front of her home and calls the police.

The police cannot find the court order against Buck. When the officer comes to the house and tells Tracy that her husband has a right to stand in the street and it would be easier if they weren’t married.A couple days later, Buck is outraged. He goes to Tracy’s house again screaming for her to come out of the house. This time he doesn’t let up. Tracy then calls the police again and tells them that Buck is outside her house again and wants a patrol car to come by the house. The officer takes a detour back to the station.

The officer takes forever to get to the house. When the officer finally showed up Buck is beating Tracy to a pulp. Buck is stabbing her 13 times, and stomps on her face leaving her paralyzed.

The officer with fear in his own eyes, the officer doesn’t know how to control Buck. Finally, the officer takes the knife away from Buck and puts the knife in the trunk of the patrol car. At this point the officer still doesn’t cuff Buck. Buck is screaming at everyone while holding his son.

After all of this commotion the ambulance finally came. After the ambulance came Buck is finally handcuffed and taken away. Tracy sued the city of Torrington, Connecticut and she won.

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