Introduction The rise in technology in creating a great impact and many improvements among the world

Introduction The rise in technology in creating a great impact and many improvements among the world

The rise in technology in creating a great impact and many improvements among the world, it has made a great evolution among different countries and made people’s lives easier. The current world is running smoothly and going forward in such a manner only because of technology. Scientists are discovering many new ways how the world works, and will improve a lot more in future. It was slowly rising from the past 100 years as in the old days it is growing very fast, and moving it to the next level. These new inventions and many other things made people save a lot of time and mostly it made the future generation more productive. Many inventors had built things keeping the concept in mind that the future generation will be benefitted. All throughout the world we all know that this tech has not been invented in just a day it took several years decades to have come this far. People use to exchange information by only sending a person from one place to another but nowadays information are passed within seconds. In the older days the medical treatment for people was not up to the mark, and could result in serious problems and sometimes leads to death, but nowadays scientists are making and inventing new innovations to make life a lot simpler and cure many illness.

Technology is first introduced in Bangladesh in the year 1996 and then the use of internet and other policies made things easier among the country people started using it. Then years passed by then came the 2000s where many new generation has been born, from those years new gadgets started to come on the market of Bangladesh. It is a long history as the method was used this technology came through a long way as for many shortcuts. For example cars were made through simple process and creating wheels was the beginning to build a car. In this way generations passed and the world is now advanced in all sorts of way. The government of Bangladesh had bought this innovation to improve the standard of living, and also to be able to be a developed country in the recent years. This has made the organization in a country much faster, children are able to learn a lot through these process, banks are making transactions easier, schools universities are going advanced, offices are introduced with new technology, and these had made life a lot easier. Bangladesh had a huge unemployment crisis but through technology the whole country has now be able to slowing come out of the recession. Infrastructure development in Bangladesh are improving through technology. Bangladesh had many obsolete and backdated information then the rest of the world mainly the developed countries. Only after the Internet was introduced in Bangladesh things started to change and lifestyles began to improve on the other hand it became harmful to children of the societies inside the country.

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But on the other hand this had made life a lot lazier than it can ever be, the children are mostly affected by these situation. There are many harmful things to talk about in this, this technology has made the teenagers a lot more dependent and addictive towards it. The society has a very negative effect on technology. There are health problems both mentally and physically, these creates addiction, these creates lazier causing obesity. For example we can just call for food through our smartphone and it is right through our doorstep, we do not need to run for bus stops in case of emergencies now, there are ride sharing apps like UBER to ride from the very next step out of our house. But in case of children they are now used to gadgets, as for several reasons as for education purposes, to have games and entertainment or some parents engage their child to just sit with these just to get them busy while doing important work. People must keep in mind that his are harming the children and the future of the coming generations completely depending on the technology. As excess use of it can cause problems to a person socially and physically and children should not be over excited about these things and not to be completely dependent on it. If a child is completely dependent on technology and fully gets dependent on it their future may have serious health problems mentally such as depression among themselves all of a sudden, and becoming introvert while many people are around the surroundings. (Negative effects of technology. 2016, Mar 10. Retrieved from


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