Hi that u r not after money

Hi that u r not after money

Hi friendz today I am gonna tell you some of the questions the interviewers’ will ask you generally.

Please note that these questions are for general purpose only and meant for mainly those interviews which judge the overall personality of man/woman.1.OK Mr./Ms. XYZ tell me something about yourself?Hint: the interviewer is going through u’r c.v. and wants some time.

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He may not be looking at u’r face. Just speak on continuously and don hesitate. The most important things which should be included are: Salutation; Your name; schooling; college; work experience; why u wanna join and how u’r qualification and experience would relate to the post vacant.2.What are your hobbies?Hint: Don’t write those hobbies in which u don’t know in detail.

Suppose u tell u’r hobby as cricket but u may not show him any award won in that!3.Why Do you want to join this organization? How can u help us?4.What is u’r ambition in life?Hint: this is a remarkable question; If u r going for a marketing kind of job and tell that u r not after money but recognition first; u may not be selected; as marketing can be done only by those who r after money only as their priority as their main source of income is their commissions.5.What is u’r expected salary?Hint: Don’t under – estimate u’r self. U would be surprised to know that some applications are rejected only because they are ready to work for a very lesser amount ! They argue that we don take the cheap variety. Get Branded; see what is the salary generally accepted in u’r field and demand in proportion to that.

6.Well Mr./Ms. XYZ Tell me where do u see u’r self after 2 years from now?Hint: Be Specific, Don tell u r going 2 be the BILL GATES.

In 2 years. They’ll tell u that they cant’ hire a bill gates and cant’ promote u at that level within 2 years.7.

You told that u wanna be. ,; what are u doing to achieve that?8.What are u’r strengths?9.What are u’r weaknesses?Hint: Be sure u r not caught; You can tell that I am emotional; etc.10.When did u see u’r strength as u described above helped u overcome a situation? And the weakness u had suffer from?11.

Tell me which are u’r favourite subjects?Hint: Hey don study only one subject. Sometimes it has happened that they ask another question; And the second favorite?; And third and so on? Why u like that particular subject?12.Thank u mr/ms. XYZ ; We’ll let u know the results by calling u back.Hint: Generally this means REJECTION in interview; don be panic, Just tell them that u liked having a conversation with them and hope to see them again.

Ask for the interviewers’ visiting card/ Phone no.; Definitely u;r chances of selection are gonna improve by this.I hope that by going throgh these guidelines u can better understand the nature of interviews and shall improve u’r chances of selection. Mail u’r comments to emailprotected .

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