Individual Report

Individual Report

Individual Report:
Part 1:
Last year I was not satisfied with my own performance as I could not deliver well as I after reaching level 5 this year my main objectives was to learn, gain proper knowledge and become much more able to give every question’s in a proper way and handle every situation calmly.I wanted to give full concentration towards my studies, grow new skills, and be more creative and confident enough to do any tasks.

Somehow I achieved the objectives which I set by maintaining proper coorperation and coordination among the team members. Making Strategies and following them strickly.Being more practical and tackling every problems.

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As in project Management we have to create ecommerce website when was a bit tough so the objectives for the level 5 was changed. This was big challenge for me to do the task in the efficient way in the group .I got to know I have to work even more harder and focus on studies. Not only that I improve myself in better way while doing this project .I have developed skills, built more confidence.

My longer term objectives related to study and employment has changed as a result of my experience during Level 5.Now I became more serious about my studies, interest in the creating websites increase more as I can see that I have an ability to design websites With the skills and knowledge have.

Part 2.

Entering in Level 5 with great hope to get great knowledge on the different new we have project management where our module teacher Rohit Raj Pandey divided us in the team consisting 5-6 members. Our Group was formed on 15th February 2018.

While working in the team, it was very good experience for me.I got opportunities to show my ability to do different tasks related projects as well as got chance to share our skills, knowledge, ideas in the group.

If we work in the team we obviously have to face positive as well as negative experiences.
As we divided our works equally among all according to our knowledge, skills and strengths. This helps us to boost our productivity. We feel more confident while doing tasks and become more creative, innovative as well as pratical to slove any kinds of problems regarding our projects. We established strong relationship between our team members which helps us to communicate openly thus we encourage and motivate each other to work to eachother’s strengths and talents.

Instead of good team, sometimes there was unequal participation of team members, lack of proper coordination, limiting creativity for doing task creates problems while doing project. This takes long process to complete of our work.

I surely believe that my team used my skills and knowledge in a appropriate way, infact our whole team members used our each other skills and knowledge which helps us to acquire our objectives of the team.

We gave our best in the project instead we could performed better, if we could manage our time, implement planning and follow Strategies in a proper way and most importantly if we could build better commitment towards the work. Finally if we can deliver our presentation in a smoothing way.

Part 3:
I have great interest on designing websites as my skills is good on html,css javascripts and php.After completing level 5 I will be taking website Development on the basis of my ablility,knowledge and experience.

I will be designing event website in the future. In this site. It will contain home, about, feedback, login, Register. Search in navigation bar. It will contain logo and slider bar and different thumbnail images. Sorting will be there. While login and Registration data will be stored in dashboard. I will be making by using Php myadmin. It will contain update, delete functions. Contact information’s will be in the footer. About page contains informations about events such as time, locations, and Upcoming events.

Feedback page will contain form where customers can give their feedback the event. It will also contain map. Email confirmation is also done.

Cover letter:

7th May 2018
Mr. Sitaram RimalManager.

Weblink Nepal,
Bagbazar, Adwait Marg, Kathmandu 44601
Dear Sir,
I am undergraduate IT student from the British College Kathmandu. Recently I have seen your advertisement for web designer so I am responding to it.Sir,I have taken classes of web development and php.I have done two, three projects in which I have designed different websites. Recently I have worked in a team to create ecommerce website.

I have knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Php and I have also experience of working with photoshop and Illustrator. I think I can help you to design good websites through my skills successfully and also I will get chance to know my abilities, and can get chance to learn new experiences from your company.
I am looking forward for the discussion on this matter with you. So,I have attached my cv with further more details.
I am hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you!
Yours sincerely,
Sushma Chaudhary.

Curriculum Vetae Personal Details:
Name: Sushma Chaudhary.

Gender: Female
Address: Awarabani-9, Sunsari
Phone no: 9812379268
Email address: [email protected]


Year : 2013 Passed SLC with Distinction (81%) from Mount Manaslu Sec School.

2015 Passed +2 with first Division (64%) From Araniko HSEB
2016-2020 Studying BSc. Hons Computing in The British College.

Technical Experience:
Languages Java,Php,HTMLOthers: Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Project Professionals 2010, Oracle Database.

Non-Academic Activities:
Participated in volunteering in school as well as in college.

Participated in dance Competition in College.
BIBLIOGRAPHY, 2018. JobHero. Online Available at: 11 5 2018.


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