The area will also allow players to view

The area will also allow players to view

The one website that I am adamant about visiting regularly is the video game publication Next Generation’s site, located at

com. It is, what I believe, to be the most comprehensive website devoted to video games, both PC and console, their development, and up to the minute news concerning release dates, company mergers/buyouts, and groundbreaking technology. Next Generation, the magazine and the website, are both affiliates of Imagine Media. Next Generation’s website is updated twice daily, six days a week (Monday through Friday) excluding holidays.

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The first update of the day is at 10:00 a.m. with the second update occurring at 7:00 p.m. pacific.The home page always displays the cover to the most current issue of Next Generation, a few sponsors, a link to the online site, and in today’s case, a bit of tech support for their most current giveaway demo CD-ROMs.

If an option is not chosen on the page within ten seconds, it will automatically load today’s most current news updates. Once connected to the current day’s news, there is an option available to allow to review the news of the past week, and a few thumbnailed articles that may be of particular interest to visitors of the site. The most significant news stories are accompanied by a thumbnail, located near the top of the page.

Some contain links to downloadable images and movies of games and/or conferences. To the upper left of the page is a rather extensive index. The available options in the index are as follows:Previews will provide the viewer with links to Next Generation’s coverage of upcoming works in progress. This area will also allow players to view archived previews.

Reviews will allow the viewer access to NGO’s (Next Generation Online) latest and archived reviews of released games for any system.Stockwatch provides the viewer with up to date status on game related stock. This does not include Japanese Nikkei stock (Sega, Nintendo etc).Specials usually includes an in depth interview with a game programmer or producer for a current high profile title in development.

Q ; A lists questions submitted by readers the previous day, and answers provided by NGO’s editors.Letters presents some of the previous day’s letters usually addressing topics related to but not limited to video games.Forums provides the viewer access to message boards frequented by other game players.Search is an on-site search engine that matches keywords wit web pages.Releases is a comprehensive list of current and upcoming titles and their respective release dates.

Demos is an area where the viewer may download demo versions of some of the hottest titles available.Staff is a condensed list of the editors who maintain the site daily.Lexicon is a glossary to help readers to understand some of the complex industry jargon that is used throughout the site.Hardware provides information and specs on the currently available gaming consoles.

Now Hiring is a comprised list of jobs in the gaming industry that are currently open.Gamestore is a complete list of games still being manufactured that can be ordered through NGO. For a video game fanatic, it’s simple to see why this is one of the most frequented gaming websites.

The numerous options available alongside the quickest updates on the web make it a welcome page for even the most casual of gamers.Bibliography:

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