In today’s world stress has become very common and individuals are not aware of the importance in managing their stress

In today’s world stress has become very common and individuals are not aware of the importance in managing their stress

In today’s world stress has become very common and individuals are not aware of the
importance in managing their stress. Thus, this leads to health issues. Various research
has proven that stress management is important in overcoming health problems such as
depression and suicide. Depression is very common these days and, in the end, it leads to
suicide because many individuals are not giving much importance in managing stress
(Justine, personal communication, June 14, 2018). Understanding and being conscious on
how to manage your stress in today’s generation helps to prevent serious health issues. This
research sums up that stress management is important to overcome health problems such as
depression and suicide.
Stress can be an everyday challenge to most individuals. Scott (2018) says that stress
means an individual’s body responding to the difference in their life as life draw in change
and stress can’t be evaded. A good diet and getting enough amount of sleep are
two of the many ways on managing stress (Carter, Bishop & Kravits, 2014). Estimating your
habits of eating, knowing the impacts of obesity and targeting your weight guides to
increment of energy level in your body and a better quality of health. Carter et al., (2014)
indicates that an individual need to sleep 8 to 9 hours at night to function well and having less
amount of sleep increases stress level and the chances on getting illness.
Depression has stated one of the common causes of stress. After a hard situation has
passed and when the stress cannot be able to stop and restart, it can lead to depression
defenceless against the individual (Bruno, 2005). According to Morin (2018), Research says
that there are numerous causes are why depression tend to happen. Carter et al., (2014)
supports that by proving that one of the many possible causes of depression are because of
high-stress situations like financial problems, personal loss, relationship stress.
Stress management ways are effective in coping up with depression. For an instance,
exercising, having a strong relationship, by practicing yoga, avoiding the consumption of
alcohol and always making time for yourself. Bruno (2005) supports that by saying
exercising produces chemical in body which then can help to reduce stress, having a strong
relationship prevents from negative relationships which can be dangerous, practicing yoga
can retrain your brain circuits, drinking too much is known as mood suppressor and making
time for yourself like having breaks shown to be more beneficial in reducing stress.
Now, suicide has become a serious issue and should not be overlooked by the
society. The rate of suicide has been increasing yearly due to stress. Increased levels of stress
results to suicidal thoughts (Silverthorne, 2017). According to Holmes (2018), from 1990 to
2014 the suicide rate in the U. S has been increasing till 2006. Suicide has been ranked as 10th
leading cause of death among Americans for many years (Holmes, 2018). There are
numerous of causes that makes an individual commit suicide. Research has been done to
prove that stress is one of the leading causes of suicide. Traumatic stress is also one of the
reason why, an individual commit suicide. Traumatic experience such as abuse, rape,
childhood sexual or war trauma has higher chances for suicide even though the trauma has
happened many years ago (Schimelpfening, 2018).
Managing stress is efficient to overcome depression and to prevent suicide. Suicidal
thoughts have given an idea to individuals that suicide is the only solution to a temporary
problem that they are facing. Danny (2013) illustrated that consumption of Omega 3
manages stress level because it is beneficial for brains, heart, to avoid cancer and helps an
individual to be fit. Not only that, finding someone you can talk to about your problems like
friends and family or seeking help from a therapist may prevent an individual from
committing suicide (Thong, personal communication, June 14, 2018).
In a nutshell, stress management is important in overcoming health issues
such as depression and suicide. Stress indeed, cannot be avoided but there are many ways to
overcome stress. Depression and suicide are two of the common causes of stress. On the
other hand, the rate of depression and suicide among individuals are incredibly high due to
the less awareness on the importance of stress management. This research paper has shown
that there are many ways of managing stress to overcome depression and suicide.


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