Motaba that carries them into America. At the

Motaba that carries them into America. At the

Motaba virus or we know it as the Ebola virus. According to the movie, it was first discovered in a military conflict that took place in Zaire. The movie shows a medical barracks with many severely ill people. We see army doctors trying to help them. The next thing that we hear is the sound of a long awaited supply plane coming closer.

But instead of dropping supplies, it drops a bomb that destroys the whole area, supposedly killing the infected people and the virus. Overlooking the site are three monkeys, which are to be assumed to be carriers of this virus. One of the monkeys is later captured and placed on a freighter ship that carries them into America. At the harbor, Jimbo Scott, an employee there, steals this monkey and smuggles it out of the harbor along with the virus. In Jimbos car is the first time the virus infected a person in America.

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The monkey spit on Jimbo passing on the virus. The virus is spread through contact just as a cold. Jimbo sells the carrier of the virus, the monkey to a pet shop owner. The monkey infects another monkey and also infects the shop owner by scratching him. Jimbo passes it on to his girlfriend, when he meets her at the airport he appears to be very ill, as having a flue and a high fever. He feels nauseous and begins to have seizures when he collapses and passes out.Jimbo is taken to the hospital, and the virus is further spread because no one is aware of its deadly nature.

The virus mutates into a string that is no longer just transmitted by fluids such as blood and mucus, but into one that is airborne. The first strain of the Motaba virus was earlier discovered by the army and an antibody was developed against it, but with the help of two doctors, Morgan Freeman and Donald Sutherland, the government keeps the antibody a secret so they can use the virus as a biological weapon. When the new airborne strain is discovered, the army wants to once again destroy the entire town, which would mean sacrificing the lives of 2600 people in the town.The infected town is quarantined. All the soldiers where gas masks to protect them from the virus. All the sick are rounded up and taken to a hospital. The symptoms are described as red eyes, red face, and a feeling of illness.

Everyone with these symptoms was picked up to hopefully prevent the spread of the virus within the town. Incubation for the virus was announced to be about eight ours by the medical team researching it. Normally, if infected the person had about twenty four to forty eight hours to live.

It seemed that the virus caused an infected person to internally bleed to death. Finally Hoffman realizes that the carrier must be a monkey that has traveled from Zaire. Him and his partner travel to several areas until they find the monkey in a forest. The only way to get the anti-serum now was to catch the monkey because now the monkey was carrying both strains of the virus. The first strain was not spread as much, all the infected people already died, and the army had the anti-serum. Now the anti-serum had to be obtained for the airborne strain of the virus direct from the source, from the host, the monkey. At the end the monkey is captured and the anti-serum is created and given to all the ill people of the town.

The virus was killed in their bodies and they returned back to a normal state. Now this deadly disease that could kill a person in twenty-four hours was no longer such a threat. The anti-serum was available and probably a vaccine would be made as well. A deadly virus was discovered and stopped before it destroyed an entire population.

The virus known as the Motaba virus in this movie is what we actually know as the Ebola virus.

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