In this essay I intending on addressing how are women marginalized by inequality still after women’s right movement

In this essay I intending on addressing how are women marginalized by inequality still after women’s right movement

In this essay I intending on addressing how are women marginalized by inequality still after women’s right movement. I will do this by pproviding,evidence with how wages are insubstantial for women with same careers as male counterparts. Women in society are marginalized by gender eexpectations. Thisimportant because over 60 years later we still as a nation have yet to evolve with equal rights for women. Since as early as the 1900s women have fought to attain the same social, political and economic status as men. Such as women having the right to vote but to exercise that right they had to put up quite a fight during that millennium. And in 2018 statics in fact show that “Women have been marginalized towards top managerial positions or executives positions in most large organizations. The society believes that men can serve well as senior managers or chief executive officers than women.” Due to this assumption, women who might be more qualified than their male counterparts may not be recruited for executive positions in most large organizations because they are viewed as poor managers or inferior beings.” So when answering how women are marginalized I will do so in and a way that not only answers but explains how this gender nonetheless human being ended up being subjectifed and oppressed based on beliefs and biased thoughts. By providing factual evidence of the past and present to compare where society has come from since then. And let you the reader understand or side with the beliefs of modern marginalization for women in the 20th century

Prevalence of gender inequality

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In the article(Marginalized Masculinities and Hegemonic Masculinity), The author addresses Stereotypes in society. Stereotypes are not uncommon. We come across them every day without realizing it. Humans since the beginning of time create expectations of the surrounding people, which are centered be upon their ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or other factors. Women in particular face these stereotypes about their capability to work as efficient as men . Stereotypes vast a group of people that we may not know anything about, creating thoughts to think that they not as efficient as the other and to intimidate. The tainting media is all around us, and affects our opinions and ability to think for ourselves .

The article ( LAC Marks 25 Years of Advocating Women and Children’s Rights) by Africa News Service , it talks about the organization ability to refine the status of women . Discussing the issue of how Women face exclusion by societal norms , particular employment / leadership opportunities primarily takes place in underdeveloped countries .Over the last 4 decades there have been large and successful investments globally to extend primary education to all children including girls.Globally, the gap has reduced by more than 5 % from the early 1970’s till the end of 1998, with the reduction being more in the underdeveloped countries. Yet the last 30 years women have increasingly become part of the labor force.

The author in (Women & Global Freedom ) by World Affairs states how Even with women have developed thus far the role of the welfare state, markets and family differs from country to country.There are women still discriminated and excluded from these basic rights . These organizational and cultural differences alone lead naturally to different labor participation rates, part-time versus full time employment, wage versus transfer payments, & childcare arrangements . Thus comparing a single economic quantity concerning women across countries may give a misleading picture.. Women work twice as hard to get half of where men are placed . And the work implemented is still invisible .

Gender equality puts the focus on fairness and justice regarding benefits and needs for women and girls who are discriminated based on sexual orientation. For example within the education many women and children are excluded from the opportunity to have a better education to benefit them.In a United States Census conducted in 2010, the men to women ratio was 49.2-50.8 meaning that the number of men to women are very close (Howden & Meyer, 2011). The women who go on to attain a Bachelor’s degree or more was more than 35%, more than 10% above the men (United States Census Bureau, n.d.). Between the ages of 25-29 with a Bachelor’s degree or more, women have been on a steady incline since the 1940s as opposed to men (United States Census Bureau, n.d.). Women have the educational experience and drive to earn equal pay doing the same work. The evidence shows me that is no doubt that women have the intelligence as their college attendance have proven. With women making up half of the population and having a increased educational attainment, it is justified that they are treated more fairly and allowed these opportunities.

Women for many generations were () in the workplace . With numerous discrimination policies implemented to have obstacles in the way to block promotion , unequal payment and as well as facing sexaul harrsement for better positions.In the text it states ” That a women’s union started a movement that resulted in the 1963 equal pay enactment


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