In the book Frankenstein

In the book Frankenstein

In the book Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley written in 1818, and film of the same directed by Kenneth Branagh in 1994, there are several similarities like when the creature learns to speak and read from a family of farmers. Another similarity is at the end of the story when near to the north pole, Victor dies and Captain Roberts Walton meets the creature before it runs away. Other obvious similarities would be the characters names, they all go together within the novel and the film. Although the novel and the film have a few things in common they have a lot more differences. There are many differences and the major ones are the differences in the plot, difference in characters, and difference in the theme. In these differences, there are major things that can tell that are different between the novel and the film. In the film people actually get to visually see the movie and in a novel people have to use their imagination and try to see what the author is describing to them. Throughout these differences in the novel and the film other people could see other differences between the novel and the film, it just depends on how people feel about the novel and film. In the novel people can see the creature different than some people might see it, but in the film, everyone watching the film will see the monster exactly the same unlike the novel. This same concept can also happy when Mary Shelley is describing the setting in the novel, people can see that different than another person might see it, but in the film, everyone will see the setting as the same thing.
One of the main differences between the novel and the film is the plot, in the novel Victors father dies of a heart attack when he finds Elizabeth killed by the monster, but in the film, it is the creature itself that kills Victor’s father. In the film after Victor creates the creature he becomes very ill and Elizabeth comes to take care of him, but in the novel Elizabeth does not come to take care of Victor. In the film the creature kills Victors brother and then Justine is executed after a trial and we don’t know if she had confessed her crime, but in the book she admits her murder even if she is innocent. In the novel the creature saves a young girl, but in the film the creature does not. In the novel Victor goes to the Orkney Islands to make a female creature for the creature, but in the film Victor does not do that. In the novel, Victor meets a friend names Clerval in Geneva because their parents are also good friends. Clerval doesn’t study at the University of Ingolstandt, but in the film Victor meets this other student at the university during a lesson of natural science. In the plot of the novel the creature wants hid revenge on all the society because of his condition and because people consider him ugly, different, and a dangerous person, while in the film the creature wants his revenge only on Victor, his creator and Victors family. In the film victors mother dies from child birth, but in the novel Victors mother dies from scarlet fever that she contracted from Elizabeth. In the novel Elizabeth is killed by the monster strangling her, but in the film Elizabeth has her heart ripped out by the monster. In the novel Victor uses his own studies and experiments to develop a secret way to artificially create life, while in the film victor discovers the secrete to creating like after examining the deceased Professor Waldmans research.


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