In a world full of hate

In a world full of hate

In a world full of hate, lies, and misunderstandings, Filipino Millennials stick a little doze of happiness through romanticizing over love teams that are built to create an image of two people deeply in-love with each another. Through the years, Philippine show business have successfully created tons of love teams that marked in the history of the Philippine television and culture. People are aware that Filipino Millennials are going through various emotional and relational problems, and love teams are one way they want to relate themselves to ease their recent sadness. The only question that always run in the peak of every love team is “are they going to end up to be together?” or “will there be real marriage after all these kilig movies?” Well, no one knows.

Current popular love teams like Kathniel (Kathry Bernardo and Daniel Padillia), Jadine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre), and Lizquen (Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil) is somehow showing the public that they have the real courting-relationship beyond lime light. While the famous Dongyan (Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes) couple have proved that there is real love relationship in the world of love teams. Their love story started when the new face in the industry back then, Marian, was chosen as the lead character in the 2007 Filipino rendition of the Mexican Telenovela “Marimar”, where Dingdong was her leading man in the other hand. Dongyan was a heck of a “Showbiz Rollercoaster Ride” where media and different fan base has something to say in every updates about their on-and-off screen relationship, but their real love for each other prevails in the end. The famous love team, Marian Rivera Gracia and Jose Sixto Gonzales Dantes III, tie the knot (for real!) on December 30, 2014 at the Immaculate Conception Church in Cubao, and currently enjoying the parenthood to their first born, Maria Letizia Dantes.

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On the other hand, there are also list of famous love teams that Filipino audiences thought their on-screen chemistry has something to do with their off screen relationship. Well, these celebrities said they tried but really didn’t work out. Millenials commonly call it as “TOTGA” or “the one that got away” kind of relationship. One heart-breaking example here is the great love story of Claudine Baretto and Rico Yan, where death wrote the end of their on-and-off screen relationship when Rico Yan was found lifeless in a hotel room on March 29, 2002. Lea Salonga and Aga Muhlach have currently revealed that their young love almost came to reality back when their loveteam was on its hype. The online article of Clarizelle Abanilla, an entertainment correspondent from, reported last June 27 that Aga wrote a love letter to Lea 4 years ago that currently awaken the TOTGA hearts of Leaga (Lea Salonga and Aga Muhlach) fans. Though Lea and Aga are now happy with their separate families, Filipino fans are still rooting for a movie comeback of the love team. Another TOTGA story was revealed on a hot-seat interview of Vice Ganda, in his Sunday night show Gandang Gabi Vice, about the young love romance of the ex-couple Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino. The said interview with Carlo revealed that they had a serious relationship for six years but it turned out that they were too young to be in it. On the other side, Angelica said in an online ambush interview last January 15 that Carlo was her only ex that she allowed be friends with. This is the reason why tons of Millenial netizens are in watch for any development in their relationship- as friends or as a real couple.

Prachi (December, 2015) posted an online article with a title “Psychology Says There Are Seven Types Of Love. Find Out Which One Is Yours,” which denotes that the seven types of love are: Liking (Intimacy), Compassionate (Intimacy and Commitment), Empty Love (Commitment), Fatuous Love (Passion and Commitment), Infatuation (Passion), Romantic Love (Passion and Intimacy), and Consummate Love (Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment). The showbiz love teams listed above may have been into one in these love identities, but as their watchers we cannot control on what is happening to their (love)life but are mostly entitled on what are we going to feel about it. Filipino Entertainment Loveteams are growing through time and whatever may happen, these fairy tail love story will always be an inspiration to us, Filipino Millenials.


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