CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION REGIONAL OFFICE NO. IV 139 Panay Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAM on the Rules of Conduct and Ethical Behavior in the Civil Service Submitted by Febie H. Teoxon Date Submitted LESSON I THE NORMS OF CONDUCT FOR PUBLIC OFFICIALS AND EMPLOYEES Reflection for Deepening Commitment to Public Interest How can you show your commitment to public interest I believe that publicservice is apublictrust therefore, as soon as you are already hired in any government agency or office, I am bound to commit myself as apublicservant to obey due diligence in the exercise of my duties and responsibilities. I might start joining in the community activities or volunteering my time with various help by the government officials. I should take care of the government properties just like how I took care of my own thing at home. Like for the instance that the office supplies given to me by the office, I can recycle or reused it why not, so that I can save the government funds. My decision should be guided well onhowto use the resources and powers which should be used for the betterment of the community and for the welfare of the people in general. My dedication to work is important and this will help me decide onhowto work efficiently by organizing the agenda and work plans so that this will help me to have a smooth output to whatever accomplishment is being target by the office or the agency as a whole. Commitment to public interest is an important part of the government norms, people who are interested in positions in the government services should begin by doing a public service work in volunteer program, internship, and clinical program of the government and showing my commitment to public interest is like showing how you love and how you respect your work and understanding the norm, commitment to public interest would be a very good start for the change for the better nation. Reflection for Deepening Professionalism How can you become more professional How can you improve the work you do in the office to improve your service to the public A professional has high ethical standards and displays integrity with excellence in her works and helps advance the business or industry in which she is employed. I can become more professional at public service beginning with a positive attitude towards my job, be a very supportive to your boss and co-workers. Dont gossip behind their back. Be respectful to your co-workers by not using their supplies or work areas without a permission and by not taking their time unnecessarily. I can demonstrate professional maturity by doing my job with excellence. Accept responsibilities for my mistakes. And if I have an made an error I dont have the right to shift the blame to anyone or anything else. I need to dress professionally, I need to choose modest and conservative clothing that reflects the formal end of the attire that is acceptable at my work place. I can also manage my time and work space professionally by creating a timetable in my daily activities, organize my work area so that I can readily find the files or materials that I need. I will use space saving and step saving storage solutions to be more efficient. I need to communicate in a professional manner, in this instance, I can maintain an I contact and practice solid handshake to the government officials and co-workers and enunciate clearly. I need also to listen attentively to others. I should remain my poised if others challenge my ideas. Professionalism is putting your best foot ward to become a good public servant. Moreover, professionalism is indeed becoming your best at work. Putting all what you nee to become a public servant. Reflection for Deepening Political Neutrality How can you put into practice political neutrality Political neutrality is a constitutional convention which provides that public servants should avoid activities like to impair their political impartiality or the political impartiality of the service. Political neutrality should be practiced by every government employee because we have a commitment as a public servant in our country. One of our responsibilities as a public officials and employees is to educate ourselves to become a future good leader and it is very important to exercise political neutrality to serve as a model to our community. A political neutrality is related to the professionalism of the public servant. A professional public service simply refers to the employees of the government being non-partisan in their own work. Political neutrality put into practices in the duties and responsibilities of the professional public officials and employees, it is a commitment of the public officials and employees regardless of which government is in power. Also, a good practice of a political neutrality of the public official and employees is to serve a professional public service on having the right people with the right skills for the job, employment based on merit. These practices in political neutrality can only be achieved through a competitive and impartial interview and evaluation system of the government leaders. In this situation to have a political neutrality, it means that a public officials and employees should not be included in any political parties nor should they become a candidate of any contest elections on the states of political parties. Because they might use their authority to make any influenced of discrimination to other co-employees in the government system. Our government does not need a new staffing for every election just to make our public service neutral. It simple because our government follow our own Constitutions and to manage the system in a non-partisan way to ensure a professional public service. Reflection for Deepening Justness and Sincerity Can you recall an experience when your dishonesty was tested Or when you became a victim of dishonesty (You may want to share your experience(s) with a collegue. What can you conclude from your story or experiences What can you say about honesty About being just and sincere How can you show justness and sincerity in the performance of your work Yes, I can still recall an experience when I become a victim of dishonesty when my co-employee on my past employer, they are playing a hidden agenda about me like gossiping to my boss about what is happening to me about my performance in inside the office and they making a fake news when I am not around in the office. It affects my routine at the office that time because my boss gives me pressured at work, added some workloads in my duties, always want me to leave late at work without an overtime pay. But I need to remain just and sincere because I respect my boss and I want my job that time. I can conclude from my experience that I just need to be aware of what I am sharing to my co-employee and really listen to what they are saying to me and to my boss. I need to stay open minded while I am at work, because it is possible for people to change. I wont want to be shut out of some opportunities because of one or two poor experiences. By taking that experience that I have encounter I need to take a high road and make a good accomplishment at the right direction for showing my integrity and that I can be motivated to make a difficult relationship work. I can give off a sincere impression in order to get that return. Transparency is important to give more value than what I think, even when I am in a cutthroat industry before. I just remained honest to myself and give my loyalty, fairness and the truth. Being honest means not choosing not to lie, steal, cheat or deceive in any way. When we are honest, we can build strength of character that will allow us to be of great service to God and to the community. We are blessed with peace of mind and self-respect and if we are honest we will be trusted. Honesty is not just about telling the truth. Its about being real with myself and to other about who I am. What I want and what I need to live the most of my life. Honesty promotes openness, empower us and enables us to develop consistency in how we present the facts and it also means to be fair and truthful to the people. Being just and sincere is to treat our client with fairness regardless of what their status and providing what they need with respecting their rights, so that they will respect us in our service. I cant deny the fact that sometimes injustice really happens around us in the government especially to the poor and to the marginalized people. As a government employee, it is my responsibility to somehow make them feel that they are not abandoned by the government, that they are given the right assistance in the government offices and give equal treatment to them. I can show justness and sincerity in the performance of my work by doing my commitment and follow the rules of the office, because for me when I do my part in my work it will be easy for me to serve in the government office. I will stay humble and honest in my everyday duty because when I become honest it does not need any defense or justification. Being just and sincere at my work is remaining true to the people at all times and do not discriminate against anyone, especially the poor and the unprivileged. I refrain from doing acts that is contrary to law, good moral, good customs, public policy, public order, public safety and public interest. I do not extend undue favors on account of the office to my relative and I will respect the government leaders and others. Reflection for Deepening Responsiveness to the Public Below may trigger your thought to reflect on the conditions of your brothers/sister from the lower economic status The child has a septic foot But why Because she stepped on a thorn But why Because she has no shoes Because here father cannot afford to buy her any. But why can he not afford to buy her shoes Because he is paid very litter as a farm labourer But why is he paid so little… -David Werner B. How can you Responsiveness What realizations did you gain from this session List down below your answer. I realize from this session is that one thing I can show my responsiveness to the public as a government employee is to listen to what their wants and address their issues heads-on. As a government employee, I need to be aware on what is happening in our country for the concern of the public. I need to become more sensitive in dealing the needs and demands of the public. It is simply serving the needs of the people courteously, prompt and adequately. We need to give the best of our service to avoid negative feedback from the public. We need to feel them convenient and comfortable in transaction that they have in our office. As an individual, social consciousness or social awareness defined as consciousness shared by individuals within a society. It essentially means to be conscious or aware of the problems within our society and to our country. Some of the Filipino citizens asked themselves these question Why do the poor people remain poor And why the rich people become rich. it is because we are conscious on our own status and we compare ourselves to others. We need to make an action to this question like make a survey to see what is the real reason why we encounter this situation. We should accept that we all affected in what is happening to our country. We can change our status by asking help to those people who is higher in our status. We can make an improvement to our everyday lives without comparing ourselves to others. Reflection for Deepening Nationalism and Patriotism What does nationalism and patriotism means To enable you to answer this question, it would be good if you could first get in touch with your feelings about being a Filipino My Feelings as a Filipino How do you feel now for the country Do you now feel a sense of pride for our country knowing how powerful Filipinos are as people How would you show your love for our country How much do you care about our country B. Enumerate eight (8) things you can be proud about Filipinos or about the Philippines. Description Why do you say so Ex. Filipinos are brave people We have so many great men and women who fought and died for freedom Filipino beauty is unique. Filipinos usually have the kayumanggi or brown skin. When you visit here though, you will notice how diverse us beauty is. Filipino has a value of hospitality. If you are guest (especially from a different province or country), Filipino families will offer you the best of what they got. we will give us the best food we can serve and make them feel at home. Filipinos has a strong family tie. Its common for us Filipinos to stay with our parents and not move our when we still not married. Some say it can make the children dependent but when our parents get old, we will sure to take care of them. Filipinos has talents. We have all sorts of talents but let me just focus in music on this. We, Filipinos love to sing and you will find karaoke machines even at funerals. There are a lot of famous Pinoy artist already known to the world, not only in music. Some are not pure Filipinos but as long as they recognize their Filipino blood, we feel so proud of them. Filipinos are always happy. We have the lowest cases of suicide in the world and thats because we are always happy. Smiling all the time, even if oil prices high every now and the, and traffic jam makes us and our government is sometimes like a circus its all good. We keep on smiling and laughing it away. Filipinos has an Early Christmas Celebration Christmas is another event that we love to do and we usually start celebrating it as early as September and ends sometime in January. Filipinos will start saying stuff like Ber months are here claiming that the weather is slowly getting chiller. (when in fact its not) and then the public and private establishment will start setting up Christmas decoration. You will also start to hear Christmas songs being played in the malls or on the radio. Filipino can easily adapt different Dialects. We Filipinos have approximately 180 languages and dialects in the Philippines by there are two official languages English and Filipino (standardized version of Tagalog). This means that the country is very tourist friendly- well, there are some parts of the Philippines that cant speak fluent English (or even Filipino/Tagalog) but almost every Filipino can understand utter simple English no matter if they have little to no education. We are proud of how we can speak English (some people even go as fas as forcing, if not learning, a U.S. accent). Filipinos has a strong work ethic We are hardworking people to the point that we are willing to work almost the whole day just to feed our families. We always find creative ways to earn a living, like creating a small business from our home where we sell foods or other items for the convenience of our neighbors. Commitment to Democracy Write in one paragraph your feelings or insight about the importance of democracy in a free and just society Simple Living Write your insights by completing the following sentences. You can come up with as many sentences as you can. I feel I realize I will LESSON II OTHER PERTINENT PROVISIONS OF THE CODE SELF-CHECK TEST I. True or False Directions On the space provided. Write the word TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if the sentence is not correct. _FALSE__ 1. An Dangal ng Bayan awardee may be promoted to the next higher position. _FALSE__ 2. All government officials and employees must act promptly on letters and requests within 30 days from receipt thereof. _TRUE__ 3. Public officials and employees are prohibited to engage in the private practice of their profession unless authorized by the law and will not conflict with their official transactions. _TRUE__ 4. Official papers and documents must contain not more than three (3) initials and signatures. _FALSE_ 5. A contractual worker shall file his/her Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth. _FALSE_ 6. An employee will no longer divest his/her shareholdings when he/she resigned from the private enterprise due to conflict of Interest. II. Enumeration Directions Enumerate the following requirement asked in the problem Two prohibited acts/transactions 1. Disclosing and/or divulging confidential or classified information to further your private interest or give undue advantage to anyone or any information which will prejudice public interest. 2. Having financial or material interest in any transaction requiring approval of your office. Three forms of incentives and rewards any of which may be given to government officials and employees. 1. Bonuses 2. Citations 3. Local and foreign scholarships grants Conflict of interest occurs when the official or employee is When official or employee is a a substantial stockholder, a member of the Board of Directors, a partner in Partnership, an owner of has substantial interest in business, an officer of the corporation. When the interest of the corporation, or your rights and duties in the corporation, is affected by the faithful performance of your official duty. Persons exempted from filing a Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth. 1. Casual workers 2. Temporary workers 3. Contractual workers Penalties that may be imposed under R.A. 6713 against public official and employees 1. Criminal 2. Civil 3. Administrative LESSON III THE CASES Case Study 1 AN ISLAND STORM If you were the official concerned What would you do after knowing the findings of the chemist How would you show commitment to public interest in this case Case Study 2 WANTED DEAD HEROES If you were in Ricks shoes, how will you respond to the situation Will you allow Alonzo to pass through or not Why and why not Case Study 3 WHAT ELSE CAN I DO Do you agress with GlendaWhy Is whistle blowing to the media acceptable as whistle blowing to an elected national official Case Study 4 PICK ME UP Ronnie is now in quandary. Now if you are in Ronnies shoes, what would you do Case Study 5 BRING HOME OFFICE GOODIES Which side would you take Cynthias side of Melys Why Case Study 6 MORE THAN CASINOS What can you say about this Is something legal also automatically moral What do you think Case Study 7 I CAN AFFORD ANYWAYS If you were this employee, would you agree with her opinion regarding the CSCs dress code Case Study 8 GIFT GALORE Who do you think between Adora and Josie is right Why Case Study 9 FOR OFFICIAL USE ALSO If you happen to chance upon a government vehicle parked in places where you least expect a government official may transact business with, what will you do Will you take time to report the incident to the Ombudsman If not, what will you do Why Case Study 10 HE DOES, I DO What do you think Who is right Roy or his boss Y, B8L 1(IzZYrH9pd4n(KgVB,lDAeX)Ly5otebW3gpj/gQjZTae9i5j5fE514g7vnO( ,[email protected] /e5sZWfPtfkA0zUw@tAm4T2j 6Q


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