I am yashwardhan singh kanawat

I am yashwardhan singh kanawat

I am yashwardhan singh kanawat. I had completed my bachelor’s degree in instrumentation and control engineering from Nirma university Ahmedabad(Gujarat) with 6.38cgpa in 2016. I pursued my schoolings from zinc vidyalaya hurda (Rajasthan) 12th sci and maths in 2012 with 74.6% and 10th standard in 2010 with 8.4cgpa both with CBSE board. I am quiet good in maths and science which inclined my intrest towards doing B.Tech. my father is an engineer in an reputed organization so I was motivated for opting Instrumentation and control stream of engineering as a result outcome wass very fruitful this decision enriched my concept towards various instruments and their application in various industries. During my college days our faculties used to take us to different plants for giving us practical touch of our knowledge. So after I completed my degree I joined a company Avihs consultancy and engineering services pvt ltd Udaipur(1 year) as an Instrumentation engineer to get more practical knowledge at field.

In addition to my course, I also learnt about labview, matlab software which helped me in completing projects such as integration of boom barriers with weighbridge (HZL-RA mine,Bhilwara), data acquisition system and control of heat ecxchanger , edge avoider , scr tester , battery indicator using LEDs etc.

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Why pg in Electronics and embedded system developmet?
During my many projects I came across various applications of Electronics and embedded system which fulfill need of an organization operations. Furthermore I realised that I need to be more stronger in this field for a successful and all round development of my skills. This program will let me understand the real world implementation using skills in industrial processes, project management, business of electronics, sustainable management and maintaining proper production of system.

Learning outcome
Completion of this course will enhance and build theoretical knowledge and training in Embedded system with a focus on automation control system and robotics. Also this will be beneficial in supervision , project management and documentation.

Why fanshawe college?
Fanshawe college is one of the ranked and best college in Canada. This college fulfill my needs regarding the course. It operates on the vision of unlocking students potential. Fanshawe also plays vital role in providing skill upgrading opportunities for good learning.

Why Canada ?
Canada is second largest country in the world . in addition Canada is safe and peaceful country, well known as study hub. Canada provides ample opportunities for international students to get foreign degree. Canadian degree will provide me a stronger base which will enhance my skills.

Future plans
After my successful completion of course I will come back to my home country with full of skills and join a reputed manufacturing and process industry. Moreover I am confident that I will easily get a suitable job in aleading organization. Also I have paid 15,568 CAD in my tution fees and 10,200 CAD in GIC program to cover my one year living expenses.


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