Hello and welcome to the project

Hello and welcome to the project

Hello and welcome to the project. My name is aziza
I was Tori today is about the moon landing we are going to be investigating if the moon landing was faked or it actually happened what do you think? Shocking allegation about the moon landing authority are now reviewing the new and cessation of claim that it was faked. Conspiracies have reclaimed that this affects the moon that less affects the moon the first moon landing in 1969 to win the space race.
On 16th July 1969 Apollo 11 landed on the moon. However, some people insisted the United States fake the moon landing film here on Earth. Movie editor argue that photos of mission and real radiation from the sun would have killed the astronauts and NASA didn’t have the ability to return a man safely from the moon.
Adwin Buzz Adrien
One of the astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission Adwin “Buzz” Adrien confirmed that the Apollo 11 mission were “fake” in that the videos of the mission are simply showing a set up that was created to stimulate how the moon and space would look. “Apollo mission was not real, non of it was”
Photographs of the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. Save a witness Shadows in most of the photos and other like it.
North American investigations (NAI) have investigated about this theory and weakness there were Shadows cast by object on the surface point in different direction, which proves there were several light sources as in a TV Studio. Many British astronaut including Tim Peake have claimed that lOw 11 Surfers can distort the angles of Shadows in images.
as it can be seen in the original photograph the Shadows costing a mum different than it should be why are these pictures not similar if they actually landed on the moon in 1969 why these pictures are not similar.
The waving flag
Noticed that the American flag appears to the American flag appears to wave in the lunar winds question mark picture of Apollo astronaut erecting a US flag on the on the moon sure the flood building and how can that be? After all there’s no Breeze on the moon. According to an American space group called symmetry group they said “there is no ‘breeze’ in space is it because face is nothing but an empty void how can a flag wave in such place? The stars and stripes appears to be leaving in the wind, which is impossible without an ultimate fear. Some of those so-called scientists at NASA should have done a better job.

No stars on the moon
One detail doubters often Point to is the background of many of the NASA photos. In pictures of the moon’s landscape, there aren’t any stars in the sky, it’s just looks like a big black void of space.
A professional photographer named Henry win who has taken more than thousands of pictures morning or night has witnessed that there were no stars on the moon he said, ” sister Mum has not to miss fear, shouldn’t there babe millions of stars doting the background of the photo? The question is did the photographer make a huge mistake and just forgot “to turn on” “the Star?”
Now that you have head the very mysterious explanation of this Theory, do you believe that it possible for the American government to penetrate such an incredible hoax? is it conceivable that the moon landing was the most expensive movie ever made. As we have researched the answer is it was all fake. Now it left for you to decide? Thank you for watching this is aziza have a wonderful day. Now let’s get on to the weather with Ken

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