Outline of God, and sees no evil

Outline of God, and sees no evil

Outline Thesis: Human nature proves to be both good and evil because they’re dependent on strength despite individual experiences, showing that a person’s destiny can only be decided by themselves. Body Paragraph #1: Topic sentence- Good or evil human nature is hard to identify due to the fact that many people do not understand the conceptual terms of good and evil. Support for good, quote-“The universe is a good creation of God, and sees no evil in it. It is a cosmos-an orderly harmonious system. However, there are indications that he sees the universe in its infancy, complete in every form but growing to perfection and immortality.Support for bad, quote-“By nature man departs from his primitive character and capacity as soon as he is born, and he is bound to destroy it.

From this point of view, it is clear that man’s nature is evil. ” (Chan 4) Analysis for good- God created earth to be completely innocent and good, thus keeping away all forms of evil. The argument for this is that the only change that can happen to the nature then will be positive because evil is absent is this environment. Analysis for bad-Regardless of how humans are born; instinct will lead bad decisions to occur.Man from cradle to the grave, is always going to be tempted and be committing evil deeds because that is our destiny.

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Summary- The essence of mankind is both innately good and evil because during birth, an individual struggles between the urge to satisfy both of these impulses. Body Paragraph – Topic sentence-Once an individual lets either good or evil take over, it will become extremely difficult to reverse. Support for good, paraphrase-When one lets themselves be drawn in by subtle, beneficial influences that surround us everywhere, it will be a much easier journey to

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