A.Who throwing them out. Our environment is a

A.Who throwing them out. Our environment is a

A.Who makes up most of the pollutionB.Who and what is harmed by pollutionConclusion:We need to use renewable resources and finding uses for waste productsinstead of creating pollution by throwing them out. Our environment is a crucial part ofour lives, and we must learn how to treat it correctly. Without it we would not be living.

We need to become more aware of the circumstances that are going to take place ifaction is not taken . We need to stop making emphasis on what will make us morecomfortable, because if we dont soon we will not have a world to live in and we will alldie. Then how important will living comfortable be.How Pollution Affects Us and Our SurroundingsPollution occurs when harmful substances are released into the environment,causing damage to living things.

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This is caused by humans and complex organismseveryday. It is difficult to actually say what exactly pollution is because someenvironmental elements that are pollutants to certain species maybe desirable nutrients toothers. A dictionary defines pollution as the contamination of one substance by anotherso that the former is unfit for its intended use.Since us humans are basically inefficient, wasteful, and inconsiderate to oursurroundings we make up most of the pollution that is currently affecting us because ofthe whole industrial origin and human growth population.

Pollution takes manydifferent forms: noise, radio waves and even heat. The more obvious types are solidlitter, fumes from car exhausts and our lack of recycling (Becklake, page 5). Some of themain causes for the existence of these substances are our growing technology making itmandatory for industrial growth making way for industrial emissions that are escapinginto the air, nuclear waste plants having to be made to make human waste valuable insome way since so much was being produced. When fossil fuels in homes and vehiclessuch as coal and gas are burned they produce sulfur and nitrogen, which react with dampair to make sulfuric and nitric acids. If the air is dry the reaction takes place very slowlyAs in result of all this we are not only hurting ourselves with these pollutants butwe are also, not only hurting, but killing off our surroundings little by little that are insome way crucial to our existence here. For example, we are gradually killing our ozonelayer by releasing various chemicals such as carbon monoxide which is produced by carsand is highly poisonous and let out into the atmosphere.

Lead is another serious pollutantfrom car exhaust. It is added to gasoline to make engines run more smoothly. Accordingto Malcolm Penny, in several states the use of leaded gasoline is illegal. Despite itsavailability in Great Britain only one in a thousand motorists use lead free gasoline in1997.(10) The ozone layer is a region in the earths stratosphere.

It is formed of oxygenthat is created by the action if sunlight. This layer is of great importance to us because itprotects the earth of getting direct ultraviolet rays which are dangerous to us. Acid precipitation, although a secondary pollutant, is another factor caused byindustrial and vehicle emissions when sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxidein the air combine with water. This poses as a great threat to living organisms, buildings,monuments, and other objects. For example a species can be killed off with strongenough acid precipitation and that is harmful because that will always harm the foodchain in some way, meaning it will affect us as well.

According to John Becklake, thedamage has been very serious. In the 1900s anglers in Norway caught more thansixty-six pounds of salmon, but since 1970 they have caught none. This incident shouldset an alarm to everyone, even our foods are being polluted.(12) Acid Precipitationaffects the leaves of trees which reduces their ability to make food by photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process of plants making their own food, by the use of energy. As aresult the trees will starve.

Scientists believe that the tress are dying from a mixture oftens or even hundreds of chemicals which are released into the air. The air we breathe is a mixture of gasses: nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, andother gasses. The air surrounding the earth is a thin layer called the atmosphere. According to Becklake, since our evolution the atmosphere has remained more less as weknow it today.

(44) Our daily activities threaten to change this perfect balance. It isntonly nitrogen and oxygen that are affected, but others which occur in small quantities. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been growing steadily for the pasttwo hundred years with the growth of industry and the increase of car usage.(Penny 66)As result of my research, I have found that we need to use renewableresources and finding uses for waste products instead of creating pollution by throwingthem out. Our environment is a crucial part of our lives and we need to learn how totreat it correctly because without it we would not be living right now.

We need tobecome more aware of the circumstances that are going to take place if action is nottaken. We need to stop making emphasis on what would make us live more comfortablybecause if we dont soon we will not have a world to live in. And how comfortableBibliography:

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