Hospital Ethics 1

Hospital Ethics 1

Hospital Ethics
1. The care of the sick is their first responsibility and a sacred trust, striving, to provide the best possible care and treatment at all times, to all in need of hospitalization.
2. All hospitals should recognize that their unique role in the nation’s health, should seek through compassionate and scientific care and health education, to extend life, alleviate suffering, and improve the general health of the communities they serve.
3. To insure effective, efficient and equitable care and treatment of patients, hospitals should remain and promote harmonious relationships
4. Hospitals should seek to inspire the entire community and should appreciate and respect the social and religious practices and customs of patients.
5. Hospitals should conduct educational projects, stimulate research, and encourage preventive health practices in the extent possible and within their limitations in the community.
6. Hospitals should cooperate with other hospitals, health and welfare agencies, government and non-government, and other recognized organizations engaged in activities related to the health of the country.
7. Hospitals should give a factual and objective interpretation of accomplishments and objectives without putting down directly or indirectly by implication in reporting their work to the public.
8. Ease of the financial burdens of illness should be actively supported and encouraged by the hospital in every effective means.
9. In promoting their public relations hospital should be fair, honest and impartial in all their business relationships and utilize legal and legitimate means.
10. Hospitals should be progressive in policies, personnel policies, and effort to maintain up-to-date equipment, methods and standards of performance.


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