Hiroshima shower of tiles also fell on

Hiroshima shower of tiles also fell on

Hiroshima is the capital of Hiroshima Prefecture, southwestern Honshu, Japan. Hiroshima has warm, humid summers with July temperatures. Hiroshima caught the attention of the world when a U.S.

plane dropped the first atomic bomb on the City, destroying it on August 6,1945. The Atomic bomb blast in 1945 obliterated three- fifths of the city within seconds and killed about 75,000 people. At exactly fifteen minutes past eight in the mourning, on August 6, 1945 Japanese time, at the moment when the atomic bomb flashed above Hiroshima.At the time of the blast Mrs.Huts Nakamura, a tailors widow stood by the window of her kitchen, watching a neighbor tearing down his house because it laid in path of an air-raid defense free lane . Mrs. Huts Nakamura, who lived in the section called Nobori-Cho got her three children, a ten year old boy,Toshio, an eight year old girl yoke, and a five year old girl, Mohawk out of bed and dressed them and walked with them to the Military area known as the East Parade Ground.

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There she unrolled some mats and the children laid down on them. They slept until about two, when they were awakened by the roar of the planes going over Hiroshima. As soon as the planes had passed, mars. Nakamura started back with her children. They reached home a little after two-thirty and she immediately turned on the radio, which was broadcasting a fresh warnin! g. She put the children in their bedrolls on the floor, laid down herself at three o’clock, and fell asleep at once. The siren jarred her awake at about seven o’clock, she arose and hurried to the house of Mr.

Nakamoto, the head of her neighborhood Association and asked him what she should do. He told her to remain at home unless an urgent warning. The Prefectural Government convinced, everyone in Hiroshima that the city would be attacked. Their house was 1,350 yards or three-quarters of a mile, from the center of the explosion. Timbers fell around her as she landed and a shower of tiles also fell on her; everything became dark and she became buried.

She heard a child cry “Mother,help me!” and she saw her youngest child, Mohawk the five year old buried up to her chest and unable to move. As Mrs.Nakamura started Frantically to claw her way toward the baby, she couldn’t see or hear anything of her other children.

Mrs.Nakamura always was a strong person, she never thought of the worst and always hoped for the best. Here is an example of her strength, Mrs.Nakamura, although she was too ill to walk she managed to return to Hiroshima alone, by electric car to the outskirts, by foot from there. Mrs.Nakamura cared for her children and everyone else. Her attitude was always pushing for the good never wanting to give up.

Mrs.Nakamura said,(she needed nothing more to make her give up thinking, in spite of the atomic bomb, that Japan still had a chance to win the war). Mrs.Nakamura helped everyone through this time including herself. Weakness occurred after the bomb had dropped. Mrs.

Nakamura, who had suffered no cuts or burns at all, though she had been rather nauseated all through the week she and her children had spent as guests of Father Kleinsorge and the other Catholics at the Novitlate. Mrs.Nakamura began fixing her hair and noticed, after one stroke through her hair, that her comb carried with it a whole handful of hair. Three or four days past, she became bald and began living indoors, practically hiding. Mrs.

Nakamura daughter, Mohawk woke up feeling week and tired and they both stayed on their bedrolls. Her son and other daughter, who had shared every experience with her during the after bombing, felt fine. They did not realize it, but they were coming down with the strange, capricious disease which became known as radiation sickness.

Mrs.Nakamura laid indoors with Mohawk. They both continued to be sick, Mrs.Nakamura realized that their sickness was caused by the bomb. Mrs.

Nakamura was too poor to see a doctor and never knew exactly what the matter was. Without any treatment at all they began to feel better. All the children had lost a little hair but were well.Hiroshima is the capital of Hiroshima prefecture, southwestern Honshu, Japan. The Atomic bomb blast in 1945 obliterated three fifths of the city within seconds and killed about 75,000 people. Mrs.

Huts Nakamura, with her ten year old boy Toshio, eight year old girl Yoke, and a five year old girl Mohawk were strong through the whole situation. I chose Mrs.Nakamura because she was a very strong and caring person who never gave up for herself and her children. I also chose Mrs.

Nakamura because she is the one character who kept me interested in the book. That is why I chose Mrs. Nakamura

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