English engineering specifically because it runs in

English engineering specifically because it runs in

English John BlazeEvery year family events come only very seldom. When all of your relatives areexpected over I tend to start contemplating over what Im going to say to them. I feel a little hesitant to interact with my ants and uncles because an array of questions will be asked. I only complain because the one question that bothers me the most What are you going to do for rest of you life? , will be asked many times.

I hope for a distraction but end up giving a short straight to the point answer. These questions may seem annoying but theyll have to answered sooner or latter. When I was seven years old Im sure I didnt have any idea were I was going to be in ten years. I didnt know Id be a senior in high school writing college acceptance essays.

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Sometimes, or in my case most of the time I am unsure about what lies ahead in the future. I know I would like to attend a college that is close to home for support. Somewhere where close friends you knew from high While at college my interests will be focused on the engineering department. To be more specific, Ill aim more towards Computer Engineering.

Im attracted to engineering specifically because it runs in the family. Whether it is Civil Engineering or Chemical, Computer is what I feel more comfortable with. When my career has come to an end I would be more than delighted to teach what I have learned to younger inspired adults.Bibliography:

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