Gun gun should be required to have

Gun gun should be required to have

Gun control is the limitation of the use and ownership of guns. Guns are a big part of American history. The first guns in America were used by the colonists for hunting. Later, the colonists used their guns to gain their independence from England.

The Revolutionary war, along with all the other wars that followed, revolutionized the gun to meet the needs that warfare demanded. From the Wild West to Desert Storm, guns have become a part of American culture. Over the last hundred years, a new issue involving guns has risen. Gun control should be refined in America because guns cause suicides, gun related accidents, and crime in America.There are many suicides in America each year. More lives are taken each year by guns involving suicides than homicides. 18,562 suicides and 18,350 homicides were reported in 1991.

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Thousands of suicides occur each year, and guns cause roughly 67 percent. It is believed that using a gun is the fastest, easiest, and most successful way for someone to kill themselves. It is estimated that for every suicide, there are twenty attempted suicides. This shows that if more people had guns, more of the attempted suicides would be successful.In addition to suicides, there are also many accidents cause by guns in America. In 70% of gun accidents, the shooter was a boy between the age of ten and fourteen.(Strahinich, p.

66) Every day a child is killed by an accident at home.(Strahinich, p.67) Two ideas of gun control that would help this problem are that the owner of a gun should be required to have taken certain classes on gun use and safety, and that the gun should not be in a household with children unless they have been through a type of family counseling that explains guns. Currently, some states do require a person to take a class on gun safety, and there are safety features on the guns, but obviously, its not enough.Furthermore, the crime rate is extremely high in America, and is directly related to guns. In 1992, almost one third of murders, robberies, and aggravated assaults were committed with firearms.

(Levine p.26) 16,000 murders were committed using handguns in 1992. 3 murders, 12 forcible rapes, 61 robberies, and180 violent crimes occurred each hour in 1994. There are more than 200 million guns in America, and thousands are used in crime. In 1992, handguns killed 33 people in Great Britain, 36 people in Sweden, 97 people in Switzerland, 60 in Japan, 13 in Australia, 128 in Canada, and 13,320 in the United States.(Levine p.

30) These other countries have a stricter gun policy and their murder rate is lower. America should help the nation by following the example that these other counties show.America should be a safer place for its citizens.

The government should have more control over the guns and how they are regulated. With these improvements, they would create a safer nation. It would be a nation with fewer gun related suicides and accidents, and less crime. People could be assured the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

American citizens would be more peaceful with each other, and more people would lead happier lives.Bibliography:cant find biblio

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