In just escaped me, but will He

In just escaped me, but will He

In Graham Greenes novel The Heart of the Matter there is an interesting relationship between the main character and God. The relationship appeared to be, full of love and bitterness.

The name of the main character is Harry Scobie and he is a police major.Scobie had a relationship with God. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what the relationship was like between them.

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After reading the novel one could say the relationship was like a marriage. Scobie loved God and God in turn loved Scobie. Scobie felt as if he had to be there for everyone. If his wife needed something or was upset he helped her.

If a gentleman was lonely and ostracized at the club Scobie found a friend for him. Scobie even helped comfort survivors of a submarine attack. After one beholds these kind acts one knows that Scobie is full of love. But, whom did he love? He loves God he does all of his good deeds because of his love. He did not really love Louise his wife.

He pitied her; he wanted to help her become happy. When she thought she had no friends in the world he introduced her to Wilson. He did this because he believed it would strengthen Gods love for him.

Scobie befriended Wilson because Wilson was new to Africa and needed support. Scobie ignited the friendship between Wilson and Louise. Even after Scobie learned that Wilson was spying on him, he still didnt interfere with their friendship.

He did this out of his love for God. He also helped Miss Rolt by keeping her company while she was recovering. He pitied her because she was so young and stupid. He took excellent care of her by bringing her stamps, furniture, and spending time with her. He did this because he thought that it was the good Catholic thing to do.

Like all marriages Scobies relationship with God did have a few bumps. Sometimes he felt that God had abandoned him. When Louise returned from South Africa there is a good example of this thought.

During mass Scobie says, God has just escaped me, but will He always escape? One can feel the sense of worry and sadness. After his death Father Rank told Louise that Scobie loved God.After one examines those few examples one realizes that Scobie loved God. Scobie treated everyone around him like royalty.

He did not do this because it made him good he did that because he loved God. While Scobie was contemplating suicide he kept asking God to forgive him for planning it. God kept trying to persuade Scobie to go on living.

This shows the relationship is mutual. Not many people today can say that they have this type of relationship with God. The last few lines of the book prove this point perfectly.Father Rank said, It may seem an odd thing to say when amans as wrong as he was but I think from what I saw of him, that he really loved God.He certainly loved no one else, she said (Louise.) And you may be in the right of it there too, Father Rank Replied.Bibliography:

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