Wrt cut the fluff, or unnecessary items. In

Wrt cut the fluff, or unnecessary items. In

Wrt 102What George Orwell is basically saying in Politics and the English Language is that a writer should write for “an aesthetic experience.” When one is not treating his work as art, the result of that writing is simply worthless.

A writer must put full thought and effort in his writing rather than being careless or indifferent to what he’s doing.Orwell cited some examples in the text that are faulty in one way or another. In many of the examples. the message from the writer to the reader is ambiguous. The writers need to be more specific and more simplified in their writing. According to Orwell, the examples showed dying metaphors, operators (verbal false limbs), pretentious diction, and meaningless words.

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To perfect these examples, the writer should keep the rules in mind. 1. Never use cliches you see in print. 2. Use shortest words possible. 3.

Be terse. 4. Use passive rather than active. 5. Stick to English and don’t use Latin or other foreign language words.

Also, useless phrases shoulld not be used. Euphonious sounds are unneccesary.Orwell says that everything in this worls involves politics. He also says that politics is bad.

If politics is bad, then the language must “suffer.” “Thought corrupts language” and vice versa. George Orwell’s main point in the text is a suggestion to future writers to cut the fluff, or unnecessary items. In order to express thoughts clearly on paper, one must read his 6 rules and follow them. In conclusion, George Orwell believes that the decline in language is affected by economic values as well as politics.

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