The as much freedom as straight people

The as much freedom as straight people

The topic I picked is Homosexual people should have the right and the freedom like what straight people have in this world.

I think this topic is very controversial because in the U.S. Most homosexual people especially males, get discriminated because of what they feel: having attractiveness to their same sex. Most people in the U.S. are str8 and most people think that being gay or lesbian is wrong and it is not right to show it off and be proud of it.Another point why this topic is very controversial is when gay people marry each other.

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Many people believe and many religions believe it is very wrong to marry the same sex person.For example in the Roman Catholic followings. The church is totally against gay and lesbian relationships, because it if you do follow the gay and lesbian side its considered a big sin because in the teachings of GOD and Jesus you have to be with the opposite sex so you can make life.The 2 perspectives that are drawn on this topic is that the 1st perspective is that you see the topic as very reasonable. For instance you do agree with the topic and you do want to follow what it says.

The 2nd perspective is that you disagree with the topic and say that gay and lesbians should have the rights or as much freedom as straight people because they are different than most people.The side that I want to represent is the one that I am with the perspective that sees that gay and lesbians should have the freedom to do whatever they want and with whom ever they want. To me I am not gay myself, and I do not have any problems with these kinds of people. As long as they do not touch Im cool with them.

The reason I support the 1st perspective is because in this country the U.S. it is a free country and you can do whatever you want that is not crime committed or have to do anything that kills other people.Homosexual people do not have the freedom, yet they still fight for their right to be homosexual. People around the U.S.

are against the homosexual concept. What I do not understand is why do you have to be against this gay and lesbian concept in the 1st place? 1st of all what to do homosexuals have to do in your life; they do not interfere into you personal life. So why do you have to discriminate and make fun of the people who you think are way different to you? I do not understand why you have to point out to people if you see someone different from normal people. It just boggles my mind why people do that.The other perspective is the against part. Some People are against it because of religion.

I can ca totally understand that concept because religion to many people is very important and you always have to follow the rules of you god or whoever depending on what your religion is. I understand the religion because they teach their followers to understand the importance of life and to make or reproduce life. So that is why they are against the whole gay and lesbian concept.

The church is also against the gay and lesbian marriage law. Also other people think the homosexual law is wrong because it does not look right; also people just dislike the concept of seeing the same sex being married.I also believe that if you believe in the 1st perspective, being wit the gay community to let them have their rights, it would also reduce the percentage on violence. The violence that is being acted on gay people is ridiculous. I have a point here why people are against the gay community. Source is from (www. it said Last year, over four million youth participated in scouting programs in the United States. Chances are that you, or someone you know, are a member of the Boy Scouts. As Eagle Scout Steven Cozza Says, The Boy Scouts of America is a great program with one bad thing.

It discriminates against gay youth and adults.My question asks why do you have to discriminate people when youre gay. All this is that it is stupid. Why does it matter if your straight or gay and you want to join the boy scouts? Boy Scouts is a club so children can learn about being helpful to others and learn about the wilderness. So why do they discriminate against gays in the Boy Scouts? It just does not make sense.

Now in the Boy Scouts they refuse to hire or recruit gay scouts or leaders. And thats very sad because it does not matter what sexual orientation you have.The issue about gay and lesbians being married is very controversial.

It is controversial because many people think it is not right to see, and the religion aspect of it, is that they are against it. The controversy that hits on this issue is what if this gay or lesbian couple wants to have a son or a daughter. And when that son or daughter realizes something when they get older they are going to wonder why she or he got got 2 moms or 2 dads. And the parents do have to tell her the truth about what is happening. The other conflict in having same sex parents is the kids friends; they are going to ask why do you have 2 mommies or daddies? The kid whose parents are like that is going to be stumped and he or she does not know what to say.

So the issues facing the child with two same sex marriages are very difficult for him or herself.So overall gay people have a lot of conflicts that face them in this world. The reason is because people dont get the picture. People do not see the side of whom they are inside, but they only see what they are.

A lot of people judge each other by a different number of things. But the most discrimination next to racism is homosexuality. The reason a lot of people think it is wrong because they think it is sick and it is not normal for other people to see homosexuals kissing or engaging in sexual intercourse.Overall Homosexuals have it hard in the U.S. but not only here but around the world, some countries or religions kill people if they are gay. What I think about that is that I think its very wrong and people do not realize that being gay is very hard, and they cant be put in their shoes to see how it is.

The whole problem is that people of different aspects or view have been discriminated because of what they believe in and what they want to act in. So what I want to say is that homosexuals should have the same equal rights and the same amount of freedom as straight people because in this world it does not matter who, what you are, but it does matter how you contribute to this world and how people make it a better place.

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