Furthermore, Zara target market is men in middle age, women and children who are interested in fashion in interested in fashion and latest styles high quality garments at affordable prices. The majority of the customers in Zara shops were the females aged 18-30 years olds which targets a varied age range who had a mid-range income but there were the older customers too. Sometimes they were shopping with their partners and also with their children. Their age ranges are about 18-59 years old. This can help to attract all customers because these clothing is not just for young people or older people but they suit all ages. 60% of their sale are from women’s clothing, 25% for men and 15% for kid’s section. As we can see, the main customers in Zara’s company is mostly women as they do not advertise men’s collection like the women segment. Zara’s company clothes fit all types of shape and elevates their confidence. Zara believes in zero advertising. It would rather spend the store’s spending on advertising.


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