rrative not know. There are so many things

rrative not know. There are so many things

rrative essaysWhat to Do With My Life? Wish I could be Anything I wanna be Wanna be a fireman Wanna be an astronaut Wanna sail the seas Just like a sailor But it’s not the end of the world So baby don’t get upset It’s just a little regret Less than a year left of high school, then four years of college to study who knows what, and after that… I do not know.

There are so many things I wish I could do, so many careers I think would be interesting as the lyrics above suggest. I am big on traveling just to see the sights. I could wander endlessly on through the world. I could visit China to see the Great Wall, Russia to see the Red Square, and Australia to SCUBA dive in the Great Coral Reef. I would go from there to South Africa to see my best friend from fifth grade, taking my camera with me the whole way. I would check out the ancient Greek and Roman structures in Europe and follow the footsteps of my grandfather to the ends of the world.

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When my tour had ended, I would return to college to learn to be an astronaut so I could carry my exploration even further. And after exhausting my wonder of the universe I would return to explore the depths of the ocean. And so as for getting ready for a career, I do not have any time; my schedule is packed for the next 253 years. I only regret that I do not have enough in my life to do all that I dream. But it’s not the end of the world So baby don’t get upset It’s just a little regret I will just have to be content to save the majority of my travels for eternity. But as for my current preparations for the real world, I have a few things going for me. I have always been a good student and done well at many things.

I am a perfectionist to an extent. For instance, when I am drawing a picture I erase until I get the desired effect. I am taking AP American History now and will take three more AP classes next year.

I have proven that I can take on the challenge of tough courses and athletics and succeed in both. So my future may be blurry, but I do believe that it is promising. Now I just have to figure out what in the world I want to do.

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