The termination of pregnancy before the fetus is capable to pursue independent life is refered to as abortion

The termination of pregnancy before the fetus is capable to pursue independent life is refered to as abortion

The termination of pregnancy before the fetus is capable to pursue independent life is refered to as abortion. Many are only aware of one form of abortion, though it can be natural or induced as it is commonly referred to as. A natural abortion gives the explanation of a miscarriage, or an accidental and natural death prior to the fetus born. An induced and purposeful Abortion is what I believe to be the purposeful, soul-less destruction of the promising life of an unborn gift from God. The controversial topic of Abortion has created moral concerns that have been fueling lawful, political and religious religious and debates since human existence. Our world provides so many different dilemmas, obstacles and views, with abortion being deeper and more complex then many people think.
Each stance of an individual’s position on abortion is based on upon one’s beliefs, associations, and principle. Being one of many controversial topics, it is recommended for people to peacefully share and accept beliefs, though the depth of abortion is extreamly impactful causing great controversy. The purpose of the law is to govern standards, maintain peace and order, and resolve conflicts and controversy, while protecting citizens rights and freedoms. On the topic of abortion, domestic and foreign legalities are in reality what causes much of the heat. Laws either approve or disapprove forming a fierce barrier between people. No matter the laws of a nation on abortion, there will always be an enraged and potentially violent group. Everyone has different beliefs, however my personal belief is that abortion is to be considered a crime, and therefor be illegal. On the same note, I would like to evidently state I am all for women’s rights, and equal rights for everyone. Women are no less than anyone else. Some women come across difficulties in pregnancy which I can’t even imagine how difficult pregnancy may be. In no way do I undermine female strength or underestimate troubles felt. I simply believe the baby inside the women has the same rights as the mother and I am extremely disturbed of the abortion process. Going out on the street and murdering an innocent person is illegal with heavy consequences. A baby is a gift from God, at the stage everyone was once at, truly innocent, filled with promise and joy. There is no just reason in my opinion where it should be legal, or even acceptable to kill anyone. It is commonly understood there are different hills people climb upon in their journeys, with many troubling or accidental encounters, though any natural encounter is what is meant to be. In a situation where one is unfit, or incapable of a baby with one growing inside of them, there are various paths to better the situation and even allow life for the fetus. A stupid excuse for killing your baby just because the parents are not ready for it is unacceptable and should be punishable.
Abortion strips the bright life of helpless, innocent children and is legal in too many countries.
Unfortunately, Canada is one of them. Approximately over 10 million abortions are performed each year. 10 million people who could have cured cancer. On a larger scale, an estimate of 60 million children have been aborted in America since their abortion laws came into practice in 1973. That’s almost double the amount of people in Canada’s entire population.
Abortion is a gruesome procedure and can be done in as little as 10 minutes. Suction aspiration, is one of the most popular methods of abortion where a forceful vacuum with a sharp knife is stabbed into the mothers womb via the cervix. Forcefulness of the vacuum sucks, and tears apart the body of the developing baby, ripping the placenta of the uterus, while squeezing and removing blood, bones, brains, organs, tissues and liquids, into a container. Throughout this process, damage can also be done to the women herself with common complications including a torn uterus. A further option is called Dilatation and Curettage, where a steel knife is again stabbed into the womb to serperate and tear the baby’s body into pieces. The remains are then removed from the uterus. This process offers a high risk of infection as well as blood loss and the potential stabbing of the women’s own parts. If being sucked into a garbage can or being stabbed doesn’t suit you, there’s also an option of poison. The RU 486 is a type of chemically induced abortion. In our world we see chemical attacks being responded to by bombs, yet not in other chemical attacks such as abortion. The woman is uterus is condensed forcing the baby to separate and disintegrate from the uterus. A later visit to the abortionist will determine if it was successful or if further surgery is needed to finish the job. So in other words, if the baby is strong enough and survives being poisoned you can further torture it more so that this time it dies for. Methotrexate is similar to starvation and is an injection into the muscles which attacks the babies growing cells disallowing food or fluids to the body in which it the fetus will later die. The most gruesome form of abortion is Dilatation and Evacuation which uses sharp metal claws to grasp parts of the baby and rip them apart. To extend, the skull with a developing brain inside is then crushed to the bone. In some form of justice, the mother will now experience excessive bleeding. The tease method is called Partial Birth Abortion which is put into practice on babies who are close to being ready to come out. The doctor is to grab the baby from its legs and push the body into the birth canal. The head remains out and is rammed with scissors so that it no longer functions. Again, it is then sucked away and removed from the uterus. Rather than being slayed, the child can be safely born in a hospital, and later taken care of by others, or put up for adoption by people who want and appreciate this Gift of God. This way, no life is lost, no mother feels pain or aftereffects, and the baby can still experience the beauty of our world.
The abortion process is one I’m extremely grateful I never went through, and from the looks of it, would never wish it upon anyone. It is displayed as worse than many real-world murders. Society needs to be further educated and informed about the abortion process. Those who have any involvement in abortion, especially the abortionists providing these services, should be punished with assisted murder for obvious reasons. It is not right to profit from the death of an innocent child. The fact that millions of babies have experienced this pain due to their own mother’s horrendous idea is a problem. No government, or person should approve of abortion, especially with it being done in such a fashion. The government is left with further problems post-abortion having to deal with the mother’s infection, bleeding, fever, and maybe even death. Abortion also increases the risk of various cancers including cervical and breast. Any future attempts to carry a baby will likely be met with a miscarriage or a premature birth. These after-effects are to be paid for by the citizens in the universal health care system. More doctors are being used when many situations could have been avoided in its entirety.
The procedure and process of an abortion in its entirety was a crime in Canada for mothers, and medical assistants involved until 1988, when the Supreme Court of Canada deemed it unconstitutional and struck it down. Since 1998, abortion has been legal, with no criminal consequence whatsoever, no matter which stage of the pregnancy the women is at. It is even publically funder under the Canada Health Act. Access to abortion services vary across the country and to this day remains a divisive issue in our government especially between liberals and conservatives. On of the earliest abortion cases documented in Canadian law occurred in 1879, regarding Emily Stowe. She was charged and later acquitted after a long trial of performing an abortion on a patient through drugs. This case is significant on how serious abortion was taken in our nations earliest days and the changing attitude of the topic.
Priot to 1969, performing an abortion was a crime under Section 251 of the Criminal Code. The maximum penalty for medical assistants involved in a women’s abortion was life imprisonment while the women would get only 2 years. That year, the government of Pierre Trudeau amended the Criminal Code using 2/3 approval, approving some doctors to perform abortions in special hospitals if a women’s life was in danger. A high profile team of doctors were required to approve the procedure. Other then in life-threatening cases, abortion remained illegal as it should. I can personally approve of this law if the mother’s health is in serious trouble. As time went on, the 70s and 80s, were a time of great debate for pro-life and pro-choice groups. The minimal leniency given by Trudeau’s government angered pro-life groups while not being enough for pro-choice activists. Lobby groups tried to influence legislatures with public demonstrations in Ottawa.
Henry Morgentaler is a household name in pro-choice history looking to expand Canadian abortion rights. He is famous in R. vs. Morgentaler cases. In 1973 he was prosecuted for completing undocumented, private abortions for anyone who desired. He was acquitted by a jury in 1973, but that ruling was overturned after appeals from both the Québec Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada forcing Morgentaler served a prison term. Morgentaler broke the law without any permission and knew exactly what he was doing, completely deserving his punishment. He was said to have desired money and failed to care about the right to life.
The Supreme Court established that doctors can be held innocent if not performing an abortion causes a worse result for the womens health. This was an odd case and there was no defence available for Morgentaler. Similar to today, the legal debate was centred around the question of whether a fetus has a right to their own life, not just the mothers. Women’s rights activists pushed for female choice and desire to choose when they can stop their pregnancy. Pregnancy is a natural encounter and natural encounters are decided the way they’re meant to be, by God. The women have no right to choose when its convenient for her to kill a living being. Further Legal debates were initiated by a man of the Manitoba Legislature, Joseph Borowski, who was on the behalf of anti-abortion. Cases of individual rights were undetermined and not settled in any court cases until 1988.
In 1988, Morgantaler was tried again and persecuted for continuing abortions. His case R. v Morgentaler returned to the Supreme Court, which now compared his actions to the freshly implemented Charter of Rights and Freedoms from 1982. The court shockingly found that the Criminal Code had a provision on abortion as it violated a woman’s right to “life, liberty and security of the person” guaranteed under Section 7 of the Charter. This is an odd and historic ruling, setting presented to future abortion abilities in Canada. Women were in the midst of experiencing life, in a free country of Canada, while being safe and secure. Rather the baby inside of her was denied the right to life, future freedoms, and safety in the womb. The law sided secularly for the ending of innocent lives. As a result of this case, millions of babies have been aborted.
The court did not rule there was an official right to abortion under the Charter but systems were changed to allow abortions easier without punishment. Still, abortion was extremely strict needing requests. Due to this, the abortion law was struck down though it technically remains in our Criminal Code. This means anti-abortion rules are considered to be unconstitutional and cant be enforced. No laws have been implemented to replace it, nor is it expected anytime soon, and abortion has remained nationally legal since 1988.
At the same time, the fetal rights issue was debated in 1989 in the case Tremblay v Daigle, where Supreme Court deemed only a person had constitutional rights beginning at the time of birth. This choice proves to be a big mistake, and one Canada must bounce back from in my opinion. The government is discriminating against the fetus who in a little longer time will be born and should be of same equal status as the mother like the charter states in section 15 . The government offers no compromise and fully sides pro-choice denying the right of life.
Our religion preaches fundementals of doing as Jesus would, enjoying life, and not performing grave sins. One of which would include taking the life of others. The bible states that each of us have a right to live from the stages you begin to develop until death. The detail of the teachings explain that a person is living is living from the time they begin to develop, also known as the initiation of the embryo. All forms of abortion are religiously, and morally wrong as it kills a fetus that is developing, breathing, and moving. In an abortion, we try to deny God’s destiny, desires, and visions through his creations. We are blessed to receive the gift of life, though some take advantage and reject one others opportunity. Our future and afterlife are played with while interviewing to harm one others path achieving a deadly sin. There is no acceptance or opportunity to choose the death of a helpless fetus. Life is begun with the goal of being good as God creates man in the image and dream he desires. Therefore the human is a reflection of Gods glory through his glory is violated upon. The 10 Commandments are deemed to be true by God. True to God is central value of “thou shall not kill”. Abortion is a straight out negligence of the sixth Commandment.
Life brings evils of devil such as rape, though our religion believes to live through any natural event, and battle the conflict it brings upon with peacefull options. Abortion revolves around pregnancy, which is indeed always natural. Rather then rejecting someone else from the plan in place for them, many believe abortion is acceptable in such cases. Such cases are extremely rare, and inaccurate to represent most abortions. Approximately under one percent of abortions done in a year are a result of forced and uncontrolled occurrences. Just like every person, regardless of race or gender, each baby is desired and loved by God who always has the best plan in mind. It denies the child the opportunity to experience the beautiful world and display differences and contributions to the rest of us. If a child is the result of violence, how would destroying someone else’s life help the pain of the women? In truth, it would further affect the women emotionally with the loss of a child just like any mother. She would be already stressed enough seeing the dead corpse coming out of her and knowing the suffering the baby had gone through in its dying moments. The baby is developed enough inside the womb to feel pain due to organs of the heart and brain. A mother will miss out on the joy of seeing their child grow up.
Invitable in the after-math of an abortion, the mother will experience a sudden pummit and downfall in mental health. She is likely to become emotional, fragile, weak and unstable. Mental illness’ of a post-traumatic stress disorder or even a specific post-abortion traumatic disorder are potential repercussions of the understanding of a mother who now knows the process she put her own child through. The damage is done and she feels the guilt when there is no going back. Women who come to reality of their actions are said to have felt guilty of the murder she allowed to be commited. Following her regret, statistics show unsurprising stats that over 70% report depressional feelings of lonliness, and separation from society. Over 30% can experience anxiety. Over 50% of mothers will or will consider increased drugs and alcohol leading to addiction. Around 45 % attempted or experience suicidal thoughts. Problematic symptoms post-abortion include depression, suicide, and anxiety. Help and recovery such as reconciliation is always available to ease the pain of suffering from the choice they are in control of. If abortion law were altered back to square one and be illegal, women would have greater difficulty in achieving an abortion. Without the abortion, traumatic after-effects would not exist which would aid the government in mental health control.
Under Canadian law, murder is illegal with the punishment of imprisonment and potentially for life. I believe a fair punishment would be the death penalty for purposefully killing another. In Canada, everyone has the right to live and that shouldn’t be different to unborn children. When a murder takes place, their right to life is taken away. The creation of a human is initiated instantly of conception. Therefore, once conception is purposefully broken, it should be considered illegal, and murder as well. Pro-choice visions display though science proves a baby is developing, it is not official until birth. That translates into the baby having no rights or freedoms including the right to be alive. Considering the death penalty is not currently activated and used to take away the lives of the worst people, it would be believed a baby full of innocence can also prevail.
It boggles my mind how women can even consider an abortion especially knowing the scientific facts and similarities a human already on earth. In the case of not wanting a pregnancy, there are countless resources available to assist in that. You can straight out participate in existence. You can use contraceptives and even take birth control. Even after a sexual encounter, there is medication to prevent the development of the baby. As minimal time goes by Within days of pregnancy the evolution is well on its way. Within 2 weeks a heart begins to pump. At week 3 essential connectors of the spine and nervous system begin to form as well as organs of the liver and kidney. Eyes, hands and brain waves are detectable at 4 weeks. In 6 weeks the baby grows muscles. At 8 weeks the baby starts to move and smile. In the 9th and 10th weeks, the baby’s teeth and hair grow. At 16 weeks the baby the baby shows attitude and personality kicking around. At 20 weeks the baby responds to light and sound. In the following weeks if healthy the baby can even be born prematurely. It is a quick process in which the baby is constantly growing like the rest of us and are not balls of tissue or clusters of cells. At which point is it where the mother chooses when the normal characterized baby in the womb dies?
In Summary, a belief of mine states that Canada has the incorrect stance on abortion laws fueled by Morgentaler and various other pro-choice activists. Our country prospers upon free and equal rights, though is missing rights of relevant beings in our future citizens. The process of abortion uses murderous tactics to destroy and deny life and the right of life Canadians are entitled too. Knowledge and devastation of the process should be enough to turn against it. Pain should never be wished, or purposefully enforced upon anyone, regardless of age. The developing fetus fails to receive the equality and rights it would in future weeks. He or She is left hostage in the dark womb with others authorizing its fate. Our nation has turned from being a pro-life state and now allows the brutal slaying of the most innocent and promising by those excusing their own personal problems. Life is extreme, though a lesson of abortion is to put others ahead of yourself. All natural aspects of life, such as the birth of a child are created by God above us, and is present for a good reason. God is the one who should determine who receives life and who does not. Us as humans must not take away Gods dignity and take it upon ourselves to use violence and end lives. Morality and religion further prove negative aspects of abortion. Science displays how life is present in the womb, with the formation of many human characteristics very quickly and that life begins as soon as the egg is fertilized. Our world would only be better with further diversity, more people, and more unique qualities brought upon to better each other. Who knows what new innovative contributions would have been implemented to our world today by those unfortunately aborted. The topic of abortion may be moral and social sin in my opinion, but not for others. This difference in vision will be brought upon in the courts as changes of power in politics continue to evolve. There will never be a day where everyone can agree. The most significant aspect of the abortion debate is how much people value rights and freedoms, as well as our constitution. Women’s rights, and fetal rights are those which will continue to improve and be better for all. Law and democracy have effectively been implemented when people debate where a topic shall fall.


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