free for ice-cream and shotgun shells we are

free for ice-cream and shotgun shells we are

free americaaIs freedom really free? We all say we live in a free society, but if you walk across the streetwith out a cross walk you could be arrested! How can that be freedom, when you look at it thatway It dosent really seem free. There has been major achievements in history to make our worldfree with out question.

We the American people have strived for centuries to keep America freewe fought the British to be free and create a beautiful country , we fought for the freeing of theslaves in the Civil War, also the nazi’s in World War Two who where trying to put a fascistgovernment rule on Germany and the world. (The exact opsite of freedom).They say that Freedom comes at a price ; why a price on freedom dosent that defeat thepurpose? Wont that negate freedom if you have to give something up for it? Freedom seems tome to be something that is with out price, unexchangeable for anything ,any reason, anyobjective. Its irreplaceable in all expressive senses it possesses and represents. It retains andupholds liberty, independence, privilege, and license to be and to live your life as you see suitable.Freedom is open to anyone who will fight for its existence if that fight is only to say that theyyearn for it.

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On the most part we see freedom as free, if we want to go out at 3:00 a.m. in the earlymorning for ice-cream and shotgun shells we are “Free” to do just that. We as American citizens are accustom to many freedoms that we sometimes take forgranted such as the freedom to speak out against anyone who is trying to infarct upon our civilliberties, the right to choose who will represent us to the rest of the world, and the freedom tomake and change any rule set forth if it does not apply. Perhaps an even greater or equal achievement would be being able to believe whatever you want to believe to be able to thinkwhatever you want to think without fear of persecution from people who may have other views.

A very important freedom that many countries to this day can’t say they have achieved. Freedom by Random House Webster’s College Dictionary’s definition means, “The stateof being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint. Exemption fromexternal control.

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