Feminism focuses on women equality based on social

Feminism focuses on women equality based on social

Feminism focuses on women equality based on social, political and economic level. In 1884, majority of men were allowed to vote whereas women were denied the chance to vote. This led to formation of movements that would help women attain suffrage pushing for rights to vote. During the world war, women started working in industrial environment since men were mobilized to join the military. Many people were against women working outside the home whereas women were dissatisfied with the repetitive nature of home jobs (Betty Friedan, 1963). The second wave of feminism came after the war, it successfully achieved the social and economic equality and since then women are exposed to equal opportunities like higher education, better employment, won higher level offices in politics and importantly freedom and independence of decision-making. This meant women were allowed to perform duties reserved for men. Feminism is raising the number of women in higher social class such that it was a commonplace. The script below explains the role of women in the society with relation to how feminism have successfully achieved equality and liberty for women.
As much as women have assumed new roles in the society, they are still responsible for traditional role and work at homes (Hochschild,1989). Earlier women were subjected to powerful rules and norms of marriage. Research shows that even in a relationship where both man and woman are working full-time, the woman is left to do the house work all alone. Social beliefs states that women are given a passive role in the family, as a mother, wife, housekeeper and moral upholder (American farmer,1884). This is placed by the society to disregard freedom from women. In the stories both Eveline and Louise are deprived freedom in various ways, Eveline is bound by the promises she made to her dying mother to always keep the family together as long as she can. This keeps her from eloping with Frank due to fear of what the neighbors will think of her, Louis on ten other side, is relieved by the death of her husband and feels freedom but does not show it. There is the sense of independence.
Women also are subjected to physical and emotional control. In the 20th century women lacked self-assertiveness their views and opinions are mostly limited to society expectations. Overprotection is evident in both stories where Louise sister and Eveline’s father are trying to protect them from the real world. (Kate Chorpin,1894).
In most cases women are risking their lives in order to fulfill their duties. Despite denying themselves happiness it seems satisfying to them when all things are in order. This makes them gain respect in the society (James Joyce,1914). Eveline seems to care a lot about what her peers will think of her when she leaves with Frank she ends up sacrificing her own happiness to make others opinions uphold.
In conclusion if we compared the way women live life today and then, the situation is improving gradually. Women have realized their roles in the society in the homes and outside home. Traditional women have brought out their skills to help achieve better lives. Women play greater role towards the growth and development of the society. Empowering a woman benefits a whole society therefore its in order to educate women, employ women in influential positions if the earn it because we all about equality.


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