Explain the importance of safeguarding and protecting them from harm It’s important that children are safeguard

Explain the importance of safeguarding and protecting them from harm It’s important that children are safeguard

Explain the importance of safeguarding and protecting them from harm
It’s important that children are safeguard. If they are not being protected its going to effect their future and them as individuals .
It will have an affect on their education in many ways , and they may become withdraw. It can affect them emotionally again it will also have an effect on their development for example they may start to fall behind on their milestones and they may reach them later then what they are expected too . Children need to be protected against the neglect and from abused, and early years setting is a safe environment for the child which where they are care for and they are be protected from being harmed, neglect and suffering abuse shown by adults the children are being looked after by approachable and accessible members of staff the staff members are there if a child has a disclosure to make or if they have a problem and they have none else to tell that can talk to the practitioner. This is very important in a child’s up bringing because if the child id cared for correctly it will contribute to their adulthood as it will help them to reach their full protentional. Every setting that looks after children have a duty of care and the setting should have set policies and procedures that are in place this is to make sure that they meet every child’s need regardless of their race, ethnicity or their religion
explain why a child centered approach is important in partnership working
The importance of child centered approach as it is used to understand that all children are different. The framework ‘Every child matters’ was set up in order to support the combination of all the devices that ensure that every child is able to achieve all five every child matters out comes. To enable them to be healthy, for them to be able to stay safe, enjoy and achieve support is offered. All the services that are aimed at children and young people are based on the planning and the meeting of a child individual needs. It is important that a child’s wishes are considered during any decisions that have been made in order to give them a sense go belonging and not to feel like they are to blame this needs to be done in a sensitive manner and they need to be listened to because this will help you to find out how they feel and what they would like
outline current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures affecting the safeguarding of children in an early year setting
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The united nations convention on the rights of the child:
This is in place to ensure that children are, and they are being looked after. Children have a right to be protected from being physically harmed, from suffering from being mentally violent, being injured or any other types of abused.
Children act 1989:
parents and professionals need to work together to ensures that children are safe the local authority’s duty is to investigate when there is a suspected concern that they child has come to harm or has a risk of being harmed
The education Act 2002:
This sets of the responsibilities of the local educational authority, governing bodies headteacher and everyone who works with children to ensure that they are safe, and they are not being harmed
Children’s act 2004 and 1989
This is where the rights of children and the protection of children is written this follows the lambing report from 2003 this part is key as it is from
Working together to safe guard children 2006
The duties of the organizations are set out in this act it talks about how they should work together in order to safeguard children and young people
legislation that covers data protection, information handling, confidentiality and sharing
When a staff member starts working at a setting with children they are made aware of the confidentiality police which is in line with the 1998 data protection act. The data protection act ensures that all members of staff who work in setting respect confidentiality in all ways that they can. Information that is shared with a parent about child should only be their child. Parents of children should not have access to other children learning journeys. It is important that parents are made aware that information about a child will be shared with the next school that they go to.
All personal information that a meeting holds about a child for example social service information needs to be regarded as confidential information. Everyone who can access to the information needs to clearly understand that information about a child needs to remain confidential. In an addition practitioner should not discuss information about children with anyone outside the setting other than the child’s parents and it is extremely important that this information is not given to any their parties. If there is a child protection concern against a child’s parents/ family members then allows an allegation to be made without consent from their parents
Any personal issues need to remain confidential to all those who are involved. If there is any evidence that relates to a child’s safety needs to be kept in a file that is confidential and shouldn’t be shared in the setting with anyone except the child’s key worker and the manager of the setting all information about a child needs to be kept in a locked filing cabinet
Analyze how national and local guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding affect day to day work with children in the areas
Health and well-being
A child’s health and well-being are key to an early year setting. Their physical protection their emotional safety and their personal care. All settings that work with children have procedures that have been set out of the arrival and the departure from the setting. This needs to include a register being completed daily there should also be a way of identity the adults who pick up the child. It is important that a staff member does a risk assessment of the activities within the setting and even when they are doing off site visit activities need to be risk assessed, staff to child ratios needs to be taken in to account because of the safety of the children
There also needs to be a hygienic procedure when carrying out their personal care which includes the changing of their nappy’s, toileting. This should also include the practitioner’s behavior when they are carrying out intimate care and example is respecting their behavior
Duty of care
All early year’s practitioners have a duty of care of the children in their setting. The duty of care sets out the responsibilities they are
Uphold a child’s right
Meet a child’s needs and prompt their interests
Promote a child’s health, safety and their well being
Ensure that there is safe practice and there is awareness of legislation
All young children are very vulnerable, and they rely on adult’s in order for them to create and to maintain relationships that are respectful and trusting. Adults need to mindful over their potential power that they have over children and it is Important that they do not talk advantage of their position that they have. When practitioners are supporting the well-being of the child they need to listen carefully to the child and they also need to respond in the right way.
Protection from harm
It is important that there are procedures that are in place to check the identity of anyone who comes to the setting and if they are in the setting the where about needs to be known. Staff members need to be familiar with the procedures that are in place and they also need to know the evacuation processed which should be practiced regularly practiced in addition some setting also protect the children’s safety by installing CCTV.
The setting needs to have a policies and procedures on safeguarding and this needs to identify the staff roles it also needs to set out their responsibilities. It should also list who the person is who should be contacted if there is a safeguarding issue. It is also important that there are clear procedures for the reporting and the sharing of concurs that there around a child and their well-being and safety the policy that talks about data protection and confidentiality needs to include the passwords that have been given for the child and the security procedures so electronic data
Protecting the practitioner
The recruitment of staff needs to follow procedures one of which need to be a staff member having a DBS check and this also should apply to any parents that help out, volunteers and the students that come in to the setting to help out. It is important that all staff members have regular training and they are kept up to date with all the aspects of safeguarding. Within the polices at the setting they need to have one that covers lone working it also need to contain guidance for staff about why it is important for staff to work in a transparent way. It is also important that there are procedures that support all staff in situations where an allegation about any poor practice that regards the children. All the staff that works with children have a responsibility in order to report concurs that they may have about a collage who is not following set out safeguarding procedures


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