As relief from the oceans winds, homes

As relief from the oceans winds, homes

As an ambassador from the South American country of Columbia, I plan to address the issue of global warming. Global warming is a very serious case, especially on a world wide scale knowing that it poses many extreme problems to different countries. Columbia is an upstart and emergent developing country that is significantly yielded by the issue of global warming.Global warming is caused by certain greenhouse gases that trap in radiation and heat from the sun and earth. These gases have always been produced in past times, but at a level that nature can balance and live by. It is us humans that act as a catalyst to creating and providing for global warming.

One main gas, carbon dioxide, is very abundant in Columbia. However, the increase of its numbers has raised a serious concern in my country for future problems. Columbia is a vastly developing country, so industries and companies are moving in to make business. Their unlawful and selfish emission of carbon dioxide through power plants and other fossil fuel burning industries raise an eye for concern and show need for a safer law to obey by.For one, Columbia is greatly known for its extravagant and plentiful tropical lands. Its tropical forest split in parts by rivers such as the Magdalena, Caqueta and Cauca that produce mass biological life. However, these trees in the forest are large sites for deforestation.

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Companies that come in Columbia and remove the trees for irrational reasons disturb the balance of life, as well as create global warming problems. For example, trees absorb the carbon dioxide that humans and animals exhale to evenly produce a cycle. With more and more trees in the rain forests in Columbia being cut down, the higher the carbon dioxide level rises. Carbon dioxide changes our earths climate due to the carbon dioxide particles absorbing heat. The more my country loses its natural resources, such as trees and forests, the higher the concentration of carbon dioxide gas, increasing the countrys temperature.Columbia is protected from the Pacific Ocean by the illustrious Andes Mountains. The Andes Mountains provide relief from the oceans winds, homes for many animals and a source for natural resources.

The tops of the mountains are caped with ice glaciers that are rapidly melting. The carbon dioxide particles, trapping heat and creating unusually high temperatures, melt the ice caps. With this at hand, the rivers over flow, therefore producing flood and destruction of crops. Rivers once flowing with a balanced amount of water that satisfied animals and other life forms along the river now become disrupted and generate more problems.

With the large amounts of water flowing in the country of Columbia, it is only unfortunate that disease carrying insects flourish to those areas. Rivers and swamps filled with mosquitoes that carry Malaria, Dengue fever, encephalitis, and cholera become a death trap for any people or group around it. These insects thrive in warm, humid temperatures, caused by the global warming. Columbia does have a reputation of gorgeous weather and overwhelming heat due to its location on the equator, but the overpowering and increasing numbers of mosquitoes (as well as other disease invested insects) created by global warming are where the problems occur.With the help from the UN, I plan to use economic resources to provide and support government and national action.

Such ideas of caps on the power plant towers, disease sprays that would eliminate the carrying insects and better ways to use the water on flooded lands (hydraulic power) will cost money, but at the same time save one of many countries from suffering global warming. A small, yet up in coming country like Columbia could use all the help its given from the UN, but mainly my people and their children need to be taught how to treat the land correctly and how to live of fit correctly. Economic support would be greatly appreciated and used to force out companies polluting the air and to each and train my people to correctly use the land.Bibliography:

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