Axia process What action nets the best consequences

Axia process What action nets the best consequences

Axia College Material Appendix B Ethical Theories Chart Complete the chart below using information from the weekly readings and additional research if necessary. Include APA formatted in-text citations when applicable and list all references at the bottom of the page. Ethical Theory Utilitarianism Deontological Virtue ethics Definition Moral decisions require taking full advantage of the benefits as well as minimizing the damage to society. (Trevino and Nelson) Somebody who concentrates on carrying out what is “right” consistent with their own ethics as well as ideals. Trevino and Nelson)A concentration on virtue ethics, or honesty, deal mainly with an individual’s character, inspirations, as well as objectives, in place of results or regulations, as their crucial factor of moral philosophy.

(Trevino and Nelson) Ethical thinker associated with theory Jeremy Bentham Immanuel Kant Rosalind Hursthouse Decision-making process What action nets the best consequences over bad consequences? Comes within reach of a decision by looking at various activities as well as results that are related with a problem. (Trevino and Nelson) A deontological philosopher takes decisions on the basis of good as well as bad.A good decision is respecting others irrespective of their status, keeping promises, and always telling the truth at the same time a bad decision is telling lies, stealing, disrespect, and disregard for other people. A deontological A good philosopher takes decisions on the basis of the community standards without getting to go through a procedure of making a decision what is shocking, good quality, incorrect or correct without getting a clash of interests.

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(Trevino and Nelson) Workplace example A workplace example would be if an employee witnessed another employee taking company food home to their five children.Knowingly, seeing the other employee stealing, but yet in their mind they kept thinking how the employee was barely making ends meet on a minimum wage income. This is a prime example of a person thinking in terms of a utilitarianism theory.

In the workplace, an evident deontological philosopher would be someone as in a politician who claims there decision is based on the needs of the community or society in general. Unfortunately, in our society the standards of a community’s needs are not always enforced by the politicians, even with good intentions or goodwill.Therefore, what many politicians truly regard in making their decisions is in benefits that will reward themselves, therefore, it is only the appearance of portraying to be a deontological philosopher in which gets them their votes. A workplace setting would constitute a manager to follow the virtue of ethics, because a manager or team leader is looked upon as someone who has either worked their way up the ladder or who is educated enough to know a thought process must come into play that constitutes honesty and wisdom. Upper management requires the duty of goodwill, practical wisdom and consideration of their employees.

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