Ethical the business world. Ethical Issues versus

Ethical the business world. Ethical Issues versus

Ethical and Moral Issues in Business At some point in life, individuals face ethical and moral issues, whether on a personal level or business level. To gain a better understanding of the issues individuals face in the business world, this essay will discuss ethical issues and moral issues differences and personal ethics and business ethics differences.

This essay will also provide examples of ethical issues in the business world. Ethical Issues versus Moral Issues Individuals may view ethical issues as breaking the rules.An ethical issue is a problem that causes an organization or person to make a choice between what is right and what is wrong (WebFinance, 2011). Most businesses have a code of ethics that each employee must uphold. If the individual breaks the code of ethics, he or she will face disciplinary action, possibly termination.

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An individual may destroy his or her character through creating moral issues. A moral issue is a problem created when an individual violate the principles of wrong and right that he or she accepted (Princeton University, 2011).Individuals may create a moral issue because of an unexpected situation that arises in his or her life. An example of a common ethical issue yet moral issue that rises in businesses is embezzlement. Embezzlement cases seem to be on the rise because of the weak economy. Gas prices and food prices are steady on the rise, but wages remain the same; therefore, individuals find themselves in a financial bind. Although embezzlement is against company policy and against her morals, a mother may find the need to embezzle money to feed her hungry children and to pay delinquent bills.

Regardless of whether she embezzles the money to feed her children or to pay bills, it is wrong, unethical, and immoral. Personal Ethics versus Business Ethics When an individual thinks of ethics, he or she may define it as a set of rules. “Ethics is a system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct” (Business Ethics and Corporate Scandals, para. 3). “Personal ethics is a set of values that an individual uses to influence and guide his or her personal behavior” (Business Ethics and Corporate Scandals, para. 3). Parents teach their children ethics at an early age in hopes that the child holds on to the ethics throughout life.

Once the child becomes an adult, he or she usually continues to abide by the rules. However, if the child breaks a rule that he or she was taught, the parents should not feel responsible for the child’s actions. “Business ethics is a set of values used to provide what is best for a company” (Business Ethics and Corporate Scandals, para. 4). Businesses instill ethics in their employees. However, in the workplace, an individual may feel obligated to break a rule because he or she is asked to do something against his or her beliefs.

For instance, an individual may be asked to lie to a customer to gain the customer’s business. Although the individual has accomplished what the employer wants, he or she does not feel good about lying to the customer. Conclusion Individuals face the choice of doing the right thing or doing the wrong thing. Sometimes individuals have to decide to step outside of what they believe to fulfill the wishes of their employer. The decision to step outside of individual beliefs or ethics can make an individual uncomfortable depending on what he or she has been asked to do.Although an individual may face ethical and moral issues and experience conflict between personal ethics and business ethics, he or she must decide to do the right thing.

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