George can go to to and holding a

George can go to to and holding a

George and Lennie are get awaying to the following town with people after them because of Lennie touched a immature misss ‘ soft frock.

Then they come to happen the spread that has work available. They wait until tomorrow where George tells the proprietor what a worker they both are despite Lennie being disability. They begin to work with several other characters that they get to cognize rapidly.Candy, a worker at the spread, over hears George stating Lennie about their hereafter lives about populating off the land, all the animate beings Lennie can go to to and holding a spread of their ain with everything they ‘ve of all time wanted.

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Candy convinces them to allow him in on it. Candy voluntaries his money for the down payment. George agrees, but tells both Lennie and Candy to maintain it secret.George who loves to pet soft things comes across new born puppies in the barn and accidently suffocates one.

Lennie does n’t cognize how to state George what he ‘d done, so he keeps in under the hay until the following twenty-four hours. Lennie is in the barn make up one’s minding what to make and Curley ‘s married woman who everyone is told to remain off from comes in and they talk about their common love for soft things. Curley ‘s married woman lets Lennie stroke her hair, but one time he does it excessively difficult she gets disquieted and frightens Lennie doing him draw it. Curley ‘s married woman begins shouting taking Lennie to covering her oral cavity and accidently breaks her cervix. Curley ‘s married woman is dead and Lennie goes to the safe topographic point which is the watercourse.Candy finds the organic structure of Curley ‘s married woman in the barn and knows what happened.

He finds George warning him about Curley and how he ‘ll acquire a lynch party to see Lennie dead. George asks Candy to wait awhile before stating the others and goes into the bunkhouse and bargains Carlson ‘s Luger. Once Curley knows what ‘s happened he promises he ‘ll kill Lennie easy and distressingly.

Everyone sets out looking for Lennie as a group and George goes with them.George goes out on his ain instantly to the watercourse where he finds Lennie who realizes he ‘s done “ a bad thing ” and delaies for George to talk him on the bad he ‘s done, but George does n’t this clip. He begins to state Lennie he has to salvage him from Curley and the atrocious things he plans to make. George asks Lennie to look out beyond the watercourse and conceive of the lives they ‘ll shortly hold together on their ain spread and all the coneies Lennie will acquire to be given and how they ‘ll be together and so shoots Lennie in the dorsum of his cervix.

Once the others find them George tells them how Lennie had stolen from Carlson and he had to wrestle it off and shoot him in self-defence. No one inquiries it, but Slim understands what truly happened and took George up the way for a drink.Cardinal Characters ( Who and Why )George Milton is described as a little adult male with crisp characteristics which is opposite to his comrade Lennie Smalls. He is considered angry, lonely, acrimonious, but besides understanding. Between he and Lennie he is the 1 with logic who has to believe things through and have hopes their ends can be reached. George is really speedy to go angry with Lennie and does it so frequently that Lennie already knows that “ he gives him snake pit. ” George is easy frustrated with many things particularly Lennie, but it all finally fades one time he remembers Lennie ‘s artlessness.

George is lonely and finds a friend in Lennie which makes him experience particular. George makes determinations every twenty-four hours on how to convey Lennie up in a manner. Some determinations he is faced with would alter anyone ‘s character. Particularly in the terminal when George has to make up one’s mind what he knows is right, what his bosom tells him and what he does n’t desire.Lennie Small is immense to state the least. Lennie is much like a kid mentally and emotionally because he is mentally disabled.

He does n’t understand many things, like the construct of decease, but the small he does understand he learned from George normally the difficult manner. Lennie has no scruples for guilt. He merely understands in footings on effects.

He has many effects that George lays upon him, but it ‘s all George knows. He is like George ‘s puppy ; he obeys all his bids and follows wherever he leads. Lennie finds his security in petting soft things.

When he is scared or lonely he enjoys petting thingsaˆ¦ like dead mice. Lennie does n’t see anything incorrect in making something like this, but society as a whole does and disapproves of Lennie in general. Society fears Lennie most because of his strength with no sense of control or common cognition. Lennie does n’t retrieve much, but he ne’er forgets about the farm he and George dream of holding and invariably asks George to state him about it. Lennie ‘s artlessness keeps the dream alive, but his imperfectness makes it seem about impossible.Candy is a tall, stooped shouldered adult male.

His right manus is n’t anything but a stump because of an accident that happened at the spread. Candy in the narrative to me shows what American Society does with people who grow old ; they are all used up, allow travel, thrown out and hold to depend on themselves. Particularly at the clip the narrative is set in people were excessively disquieted about themselves non about person of Candy ‘s age. Candy had a Canis familiaris who was his really old and loyal comrade, but when others tell Candy it ‘s been excessively long and he needs to allow him travel he agrees to allow another worker put him down. This is much like Lennie to George. Lennie is George ‘s chief comrade through midst and thin and foreshadows the hereafter when Lennie ‘s life is put in George ‘s custodies.

Candy besides becomes close friends with Lennie and George playing a portion in their dream.Curley is the foreman ‘ boy and is set up as the evil character in the narrative. Even Lennie can experience a sense of awful that comes from Curley ‘s presence.

Curley has a batch to turn out to everyone which shows through when he is invariably picking battles with other work forces that are normally bigger than he is. Curley besides has a married woman who he shows as his chief ownership and he isolates from everyone at the spread. Once Curley picks a battle with Lennie George allows Lennie to contend back and he smashes every bone in Curley ‘s manus. His self-importance takes a hit every bit good because now he does n’t tittup around the spread keeping the foreman ‘ boy place, but is embarrassed when he cries impotently from the hurting in his manus. Once Curley ‘s married woman is murdered he sends everyone out looking for Lennie stating Carlson to take for his intestine so he ‘ll decease a slow decease finally acquiring his retaliation.

Puting ( s )The narrative takes topographic point on a spread where George and Lennie find work. It ‘s a dull topographic point with non much item that goes into the narrative, but you can understand what life would be like at that place. It ‘s besides near the watercourse where George and Lennie foremost come to after get awaying from the towns people.Significance of Opening SceneThe watercourse is where they find consolation and flight from all the barbarous people and their rough purposes.

The significance in the topographic point does n’t needfully play a portion in the beginning, but does in the terminal when this topographic point about becomes the antonym.Significance of Closing SceneThe shutting scene is besides at the watercourse where Lennie goes to get away from all the lunacy that ‘s traveling to result and believe about what wrong he did. George finds Lennie here and does what is about a clemency violent death. The topographic point where they came together to conceal off and woolgather about their shortly to be lives becomes the topographic point where Lennie dies with that dream.Manner of Narration/Point of ViewThe narrative is told in third-person omniscient.Theme ( s )Relationships between work forcesImpossibilities that the American dream has and what American society ‘s power holdsSymbols ( s )George and Lennie ‘s dream farmCandy ‘s Canis familiarisLennie ‘s puppyToneSentimental, tragic, doomed

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