Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise Project Management(EPM), is the field of organizational development that supports organizations in managing and adapting themselves to the changes of a transformation.
In other words it provides a 360 degree view of the organization’s collective efforts.
Furthermore, EPM is a way of thinking, supported by an information system, that organizes enterprise’s resources in a direct relationship to the leadership’s goals and objectives that move the organization forward in a good shape.
The description clearly represents that the company has been a perpendicular organisation.
In fact, the President has proved that the company is losing marketplace, therefore the introduction of an EPM approach could help the company to recover its position.
In present situation, for a company to be in profits, they need to accept the importance of project management and change accordingly.
As of now, the executives are more concerned about their positions and are not far sighted.
The dominated behaviours in the company are personal goals and self interests.
There are teams that are managed by managers who would like to continue to maintain the reporting structure and power.
In my opinion, waiting for long time to develop an EPM system results in communication gap within the staff and also bad corporate culture in the company.
This delay is also due to the fear of losing power and control over their reports. These are some of the significant reasons for not considering of developing EPM.
In this case, it can be noticed that the corporate culture is characterized by individualism in spite of cooperation in both departments and their executives.
Indeed, executives are more concerned about the changes in hierarchy status and their positions rather than losing their jobs.
However, employees stick to their routine tasks which are assigned to them instead of challenging their superiors, stating a strong resistance towards organization’s change.
Moreover, implementing a new methodology would imply to invest in resources and time. In addition, it will subject the staff to a critical view on their activities.


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