There of love. Still, there are hearts that

There of love. Still, there are hearts that

There were two strolling hearts that reposed on a huge rock at a near shore.

As the sunset revealed its passion, they watched over the two sets of footprints they engraved in the sand. The scene had made them thought of eternity..two becoming one. There was heaven in their hearts and each step engraved a zeal of an endless love.But such heart-felt scene ended when the waves of the sea rushed towards the shore and washed the sand, leaving the sets of footprints unseen. Suddenly, the lovely sunset was covered with dark clouds and the soft breeze altered into a fierce wind.

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Heaven, then, became an illusion; the dream ended into a nightmare.And the rock were both of them once dreamt was left alone, all alone…When we fall in love, it is our great desire to let the feeling remain in hearts. Often, we feed this feeling by clinging to the other.

Sometimes the demand for satisfaction is needed because of the fear of starving the heart. As we marvel towards the odyssey of our lives, we may pass to the point wherein our hearts become empty and longing. We feel the need to quench ourselves by seeking the oasis of love. Still, there are hearts that remain at lost and leave themselves to die and wither.Many of us find it easy to play the melodies of love, but when things get rough and out of tune, we would actually avoid it and sometimes, go silent. There is also a tendency to give up and escape from the reality.

We must remember that the more we unravel the wonders of love, the more challenges we have to take. The sweetness of life’s bitter can be achieved if we accept the challenges of love. This acceptance motivates us to grow.Then we will begin to walk again at the shore and engrave new sets of footprints in the sand, accepting the truth that these footprints really disappear through the waves of time.

We will also realize that every step we take marks a new experience and breeds new seeds of love. Time will come when we will notice another set of footprints joining us in our journey and become our partners for life.

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