Emem Udofia Thomas w

Emem Udofia Thomas w

Emem Udofia
Thomas w. Holman
Eng 1213
3rd February 2018
Planning Essay 1
The essay “The Chinese in All of Us,” by Richard Rodriguez is basically about the exploration of other cultures and the impact it has on an individual. The author is trying to let his reading audience which are likely people from diverse cultural and ethnicity know that in as much as America changes them, they(immigrants) also change America. Rodriguez talks about how living in San Francisco has made him become like a Chinese. He claims that culture is not something opposite us. It’s not like a coat you take off and then forgot to wear. Rather culture is something we breathe and sweat and live. I partially agree with him, because I feel my culture is already embedded in me. It’s what makes me unique, and it’s a reminder of where I came from and as such it’s something I can proudly identify. I might live in America for years but that won’t make me to forget my roots.

Through out the essay, we can see a claim about consequences. The author has repeatedly stated the consequences of living in an environment outside your ethnicity. He makes it clear that an individual could be deeply influenced by exposure to the activities of such surroundings. The author also uses a claim about meaning where he tries to distinguish culture from heritage. He defines culture has the environment an individual finds his or herself. A claim about value could be seen where the author talks about the significance of black history. He expressed anger when he was told by the principal that the school had replace “Black history month” with “Newcomers month.” The author uses claim about policy when he talks about living a fast-paced life as a part of American culture.

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I agree with the authors presentation of the various claim. The one that makes most logical sense is a claim about value, where the author talks about the significance of black history month and how it should be embraced and celebrated. I feel the same way when it has to do with my cultural heritage. For instance, we have our yearly convention where people from my state of origin in my home country gather to celebrate our root. It’s always a unique and colorful event because it takes us back to our root as a reminder of where we had come from. I won’t go there all dressed in an English or American attire because I have been influenced by American culture, neither will I go and start speaking American English nor claim to be a Chinese.

Rodriguez uses statistical, testimonial and Anecdotal evidence. Most of his claims is based on personal experiences. He uses statistical evidence where he talks about recognition of multiculturalism in America. He says, “First and foremost is the influence of the great black civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s.We are more apt today to recognize the colors of America……., (Rodriguez 734). He also uses himself as personal evidence on how an individual is influenced by his or her environment. On how the society contributes to changing one’s culture. The nun, wanted him to speak publicly and she said to him “Repeat your name after me loud enough so all the boys and girls can understand” (Rodriguez 734). This evidence is a strong evidence because it appeals ethos. There is a saying that states “experience is the best teacher”. His experience from childhood to adult hood and being a minority gives his essay more credibility.

In conclusion the author did a great job in giving précised claims and evidences to back them up. I still maintain my view that an individual’s cultural heritage shouldn’t be ignored or overlooked.

Rodriguez, Richard. “The Chinese in all of us” McGraw-Hill reader customized for Oklahoma City Community College.


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