What if you could have your whole backpack at the touch of your fingertips

What if you could have your whole backpack at the touch of your fingertips

What if you could have your whole backpack at the touch of your fingertips? In the first month of the Apple iPad release surprisingly 25 million were sold! People all over the world use iPads for all sorts of different things: business, games, media, etc, but one of their finest qualities is the ability to be a textbook. IPads have already replaced textbooks in over 600 counties. Schools in many countries should find a way with their classic old school books and switch to iPads because they cost less, weightless, are more efficient, and can be used whenever, wherever.

Firstly, schools all around the world should change the old textbooks to Ipads. If you can notice all around the world everything has changed from cars to buildings to houses compared to 1000 years ago. while schools haven’t changed since the first school the class was all about a large board, tables, and desk. And buying a 1600 riyal iPad that can last for 3-5 years is much cheaper and useful for all since they can be used for various things

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Second of all, carrying an Ipad is much lighter than carrying several large and heavy books. In high school, the average weight of each book being carried daily is 5 pounds. The solution to that problem is to switch these books to a 0.85-pound iPad which allows you to view the book from different angles. Many types of research have concluded that the wrong usage of heavy backpack may lead to the movement of the spinal cord but since Ipads are much lighter they can save our backs.

Finally, all the schools around the world shall exchange textbooks for Ipads because Ipads have many more abilities. The exchange of textbook to Ipads will absorb the need of many things like calculators dictionaries and many other items found on this device. Obviously, Ipads has to take the place of the textbooks in school due to the variety of things this technology can do.

In conclusion, schools should get rid of their old classic textbooks and switch to iPads for three reasons. First, they are cheaper, so schools can invest in other programs such as football, hockey, and many others. They are also lighter so they will save students from having bad posture. Third, they have more abilities than an average textbook. Lastly, iPads can be used anywhere, any time. IPads have allowed this generation to have their entire backpack in the palm of their hands.


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