The you love your spouse, it will be

The you love your spouse, it will be

The home may comprise of the father, mother, children sometimes with any other member of the extended family. Then if the home has the above definition, what then, are the causes of broken homes. Here are 7 tips that are major causes of broken homes.

Wrong choice in marriageĀ – how do know you marry the wrong spouse? When both partners are not in good terms most of the time. When one partner always regret marrying the other partner these are all signs of wrong choice. Disagreement is the only language they understand.

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They could be liken to two captains in the same boat heading to different destination. In this kind of situation, hatred, unfaithfulness, fighting, anger, suspicion, cheating becomes the order of the day and break-up is the end result. Parental or friends influence. This is very common these days. Many broken homes today are caused by undue influences and interference of parents, friends and relations in the private affairs of the family. When a man or woman allows these third parties to be their advisers and confidants such a home is heading to a break.

Lack of genuine sacrificial loveĀ – This one of the major reason many couples have fallen apart today. Love they say does not fade. If truly you love your spouse, it will be very difficult to break away from such a person. The truth is that, when one of the spouse had found a new love elsewhere he or she becomes desperate and start looking for any means to breakaway. All you need is to water or renew the love you have for your spouse sooner or later it will grow to become a full tree of love with many branches. Communication breakdown is also responsible for many broken homes today.

There should be freedom of speech. Every problem should be talked over or discussed to find a lasting solution to it. Sexual unfaithfulness to once wife or husband has caused lots of broken homes. Whatever you fancy in another man or woman that make you attracted to him or her, you can get it for your spouse. Be content with your spouse. Sex is good, but excess of it with many partners is very dangerous. Be satisfied with your spouse.

This is the anti dote to this menace. Stinginess/meanness and extravagant money management is equally not good for any home.Give to your spouse, meet his or her needs anyway as far as is your power to do so. If for some reasons, there is a delay kindly talked it over within the two of you. Time consuming jobs is not good for the family.

Your presence is needed by your spouse. I am not saying stay at home always with your family. Get me right. Undue attachment to once work at the expense of the family has caused lots of havoc in many homes. When a man or woman stays too long at work, the other partner will start feeling lonely, neglected, abandoned and sometimes frustrated. Striking a balance will be a good idea.

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