DR. is uncertain until the end, there are

DR. is uncertain until the end, there are

DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDEA character analysis is usually based on one character, however in this case there are two. I say this because they are both one.

Sound confusing? It should, I had to read lines over and over just to understand it. You see its quite simple, there is one Dr. Jekyll and he is a typical nice doctor. However he is not satisfied with him self thus he creates another side of him, a bad side who pushes over little kids without a hesitation or feel of guilt.

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This side is come to known as Dr Hyde.Dr. Jekyll is a man who is ‘caring’ and was ‘very well educated’;, he like was the good side, and he had morals, and he was able to determine the difference between right and wrong when he was Dr. Jekyll. Once the potion started to backfire in Jekyll’s face because Hyde turned to evil and wants to kill him, Jekyll is upset and says only, ‘ Oh what a lesson I have learned! ‘. This shows that at least Dr. Jekyll realizes he made a mistake in the first place, he says to ‘ let him (me) alone to suffer for a great evil deed that I have committed’;.

He realizes that morally what he did was wrong. And that one shall just be as they are, and not try to change that. He tried, and he failed.

Dr. Hyde on the other hand is the evil side of Dr. Jekyll. Enfield points out that ‘ he (I) saw a strange, deformed man round the corner and bump into a young girl. The strange man did not stop but simply walked right over the young girl.

‘; This man was later figured to be Dr. Hyde, This obviously shows that he was an evil man who had no worries about anything in his life (pushing over a little kid as one of them), and he would peruse doing what he did, not letting anyone stop him.Dr. Hyde and Jekyll have one common trait even though they have two different personalities.

This trait is that they are the same people! This is uncertain until the end, there are hints by the notes and the handwritings how they are similar but with a slant but until the end it was unsure. They share a characteristic; they both are real sneaky, sneaky enough to even fool the reader. When Jekyll commited suicide he knew that he would be back with the writing of the letter. He writes that once Lanyon gets the potion Jekyll asked for, and tells him to ‘ wait for a visitor from Jekyll ‘. This visitor turns out to be Hyde. Hyde then takes the potion and drinks it.

The outcome is that, it is not spoken off. We are left clueless. But there was one Lanyon did say, all he could say was, ‘ Jekyll and Hyde are the same person .’

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