Unit policies would include the Health and

Unit policies would include the Health and

Unit 052 Engage in Personal Development in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings Outcome 1 Understand what is required for competence in own work role. A. C 1 – Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role. Listed below are the duties and responsibilities of my work role RESPONSIBILITIES – To create a safe, happy, positive, stimulating, Multicultural learning environment in which children can be cared for.

MAIN DUTIES 1. To work as an integral member of the team, creating a safe, constructive and stimulating environment for the children. . To meet the children’s individual needs, appropriate to their stage and level of development. 3.

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To be involved in the setting up and clearing away at the start and end of each session as required. 4. To be involved with the planning of activities. 5. To foster children’s growth of development and self reliance, and to be involved in children’s activities with a view to supporting and extending these activities appropriately.

6. To ensure that toys and equipment are maintained, clean and safe to play with or use. 7. To understand and comply with the Fire Drill Practise. . To attend and take part in staff and other relevant meetings.

9. To keep a daily register, first aid box and other relevant records as required. 10. To communicate with parents and carers in a positive, constructive manner. 11.

To make time available on a regular basis to discuss the day to day running of the setting with other members of staff. A. C 2 – Explain expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards It is vital that, when planning sessions and activities that the various standards and policies are observed and followed.Surestart (employer) policies would include the Health and Safety regulations Policy (in compliance with Health and Safety Work Act 1974) as well as Child Protection Policy, in line with the Childcare Act 1974. It is important that I make sure I am apprised of any changes to these National Policies, for the protection and safety of both myself and the children in my care. For each setting I am working in I need to be aware of the identities of the recognised First Aiders and the location of the First Aid Box.

Should any items from the First Aid Box be used, these should be replenished as soon as possible and the contents should be checked regularly. I also need to be aware of the identity of the Safety Officer and apprise myself of the procedures, fire exits and meeting points in case of a fire. If involved in the preparation of food I should always observe the relevant hygiene and safety practises and ensure all perishable food is stored in the refrigerator. Food served to children should never be more than warm and hot drinks should never be consumed when children are present.Any perishable food taken to outreach venues must not be re-used and should be disposed of at the end of the day.

Food should be cleared away and any utensils etc. washed and immediately. Daily Recording should take place to ensure correct and up-to-date records are kept. Along-side these national policies Surestart also have various other policies, such as: ? Infection Control Policy ? Partnership with Parents Policy ? Special Needs Policy ? Breast Feeding Policy ? Smoke Free Policy ? Lone Working Policy

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