Watching each other.Many parts of the dialogue resonate

Watching each other.Many parts of the dialogue resonate

Watching the saga of undeserved injustices suffered by Blacks in South Africa was once again overwhelming. Only knowing that Nelson Mandela has been democratically elected thirty something years later, brought a sense of relief. But as in many great historical events, the contribution of each individual kept slowly adding to the cause and eventually brought the system down.As a lesson to keep, the moment Donald Woods befriended Stephen Biko, a very significant turn of events took place.

Suddenly there was a human face, a way of beginning to understand that there are more commonalties than differences between men. Their mutual respect made them stronger and ultimately, propelled Donald to exile with his writings. Both men made a unique contribution, one with his life and the other with his words. It almost seems like they complemented each other.Many parts of the dialogue resonate because as Americans in this last decade of the 20th century, young people have so many options. It seems unbearable to think that “born intelligent or dumb” children would have no opportunity for education and betterment. It is more than cruel to think that a mother could only spend a few hours a week with her own children, just because she had to cook, clean and take care of someone else’s young ones.

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Maybe there is no way to ever understand why a community, a whole country had to suffer so much to accomplish what others take for granted. This bitter episode should help educate all individuals but unfortunately today we see similar ethnic injustices in many countries. Is there not a collective conscience in humankind?

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