a song from the Dave

a song from the Dave

Crash Into Me, a song from the Dave Matthews Band, has alot of meaning behind it. This song tells a story about infatuation that a young man feels for a certain woman. The love the young man feels for her is so strong that it seems to “crash into him.” Crash Into Me seems to show that he is in his own world when he thinks about her because it sings, “Lost for you, I’m so lost, for you.”Crash Into Me describes a fantasy dream that he sees with a girl because he sums up all of his thoughts by singing “in a boy’s dream.

” He pictures her in a caring way explaing that she is “sweet like candy” to his soul. “I’m bare-boned and crazy for you” conveys that he is, in a sense, obsessed with the girl. His love is so intense for this girl that he stalks her by “watching her through the window as he stares” while she “wears nothing.

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” This also shows that she is oblivious in knowing about his obsession with her. I believe that Crash Into Me is about secret crushes that people havefor someone they are in love or infatuated with. They “dream” about how they would see that relationship. It seems that they are “lost” in their own world when they think of that person.

No one ever seems to show their true feelings because they are afraid of rejection or hurt.Category: Miscellaneous

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